MPD Video of Graffiti Taggers in Action

Thanks to all who sent emails and tweeted. From MPD:

“The Metropolitan Police Department seeks the public’s assistance in identifying two persons of interest in connection with a Destruction of Property incident which occurred on Friday, September 12, 2014, in the 600 block of 6th Street, NE, at approximately 1:30 am.”

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  • Hey, taggers who will inevitably see this: can’t you tag/draw something that looks good as opposed to the chickenshit you leave behind? See: Banksy, etc…

    • While these folks should certainly improve their hand style before taking it to the street, your suggestion that they “See: Banksy, etc” indicates that your suggestion is devoid of merit and should be completely disregarded. Why can’t you comment something good as opposed to the chickenshit you leave behind?

  • I am baffled by this.

  • Great, just what DC needs is suburban rebels trying to prove their urban hipness.

    We have enough home grown crime and destruction, we don’t need to be importing it from the burbs or from other regions.

    • Lmao
      how do we know they are from the burbs?

      • brookland_rez

        The ones in this video look older so who knows. But the ones I saw that time were definitely white teenagers. Nobody knows for sure, but in my case I would say it’s highly likely.

    • brookland_rez

      It’s true, I’ve seen some of these taggers. Suburban rebels. When the MBT first opened, nobody used it. I rode my motorcycle up it home one night and came upon some suburban rebel taggers. I scared the shit out of them and they took off running. LOL. Before anyone flames me, it’s true when it first opened nobody used it, especially at night. I have not in a long long time and never would at this point.

      • You rode your motorcycle up to them?! On the sidewalk? Maybe we have the reason for a 12’o clock boys complaint here!! Hah!!

    • “Great, just what DC needs is suburban rebels trying to prove their urban hipness.”
      Wealthy suburban kids rebelling? DC had this since the days of Fugazi and Minor Threat. Nothing new.

      • Dischord Arts Collective strikes again.

      • The Dischord folks may have been white and well-to-do, but they were from the District and went to Wilson High School.

        • For all intents and purposes, Upper NW is still the “suburbs” in terms of mindset, wealth, and background. I really can’t tell the difference between Spring Valley and Chevy Chase, MD lol

          • I don’t know about that. I find BORF’s posturings laughable, but I have a lot of respect for the Dischord folks. Many of them came from Glover Park, anyway, which is not exactly “upper NW.”
            If by “upper NW” you mean “west of the Park,” better to say so. And ditto for “suburban” vs. “suburban mindset.”

    • I remember when some people were trumpeting BORF as though he were some kind of alienated representative of D.C.’s oppressed… and then it turned out he was a white kid from Potomac.

  • albany

    What losers – they look like adults! At least when teenagers do this kind of crap I can (sort of) rationalize it as being young, stupid and without a lot of other productive options. .

  • Judging by the video, we should be on the lookout for every girl you see at brunch on P Street.

  • not sure if they are responsible but about a month ago Cap hill got tagged all the way up
    houses, garages, construction sites, etc

    bunch of stuff across the street from my house got tagged

    it was all one person or group who did it. you could tell by the style

  • Clearly it’s 1980’s era Link and Mega Man back at it again

  • Clearly we need to stop these miscreant youth along with the threatening 12 O’clock boys! Actually, the cops should chase them all and ram them with their police cruisers until they’re dead, and then bury their bodies in prison…. Just highlighting the irony of this post versus the one 2 days ago. 🙁

    • Prince Of Petworth

      I don’t get it, what’s the irony?

      • Not to be a pedant, but I think the poster above is grossly misusing the word “irony”. Just hoping to explain some of the confusion.

      • The vitriol to which people used against kids who ride rat bikes through the city was fierce on here & on Reddit, people suggested that cops chase motorcycle riders because they were committing crimes, whereas here these people are committing crimes, yet a passive, even comical tone is used against the perps. It highlights society’s bias towards skin tone. I hate to bring race into the discussion, and believe me I wouldn’t if I felt I didn’t have to, but if you ask me, these people (of lighter skin tones) spray painting walls all around the city when they damn well have no excuse to is just the same as a black kid riding a dirt bike in the city (provided they hurt no one during their minor criminal acts).

        • “provided they hurt no one during their minor criminal acts”

          Yes, they are exactly the same, assuming the act of speeding through stop lights poses as little physical harm as painting a wall.

        • I’m curious, do you honestly not see a difference between riding a motor vehicle at high speeds on the sidewalk and through red lights and someon spray painting a fence with graffiti? I think one of those actions has a much greater potential for someone getting hurt (in fact we’ve seen reports just last week of someone getting hurt riding an ATV recklessly on this board).

          Also, do you really think that if there were gangs of white kids tearing down the sidewalks on ATVs that no one would complain about it.

        • Accountering

          No, you don’t hate to bring race in to the discussion. You are choosing to find a way to bring it in, because you want to. These little shits are defacing someone elses property, and it isn’t okay. Hopefully they are caught, and punished (with whatever the appropriate punishment is for something like this – I am guessing it is community service and fines?)
          The fact you think some grafitti is identical to 100 dirt bikes riding 40MPH down the sidewalk and through red lights shows that you are extremely misguided. Minor property crime is very different than recklessly endangering the lives of innocent people.

        • Next time I nearly get run over by a tagger moving at high speed I’m sure I will find your argument much more persuasive. What’s comical is that you even see the two instances of criminal behavior as remotely equivalent.

        • You’re kidding, right? There’s no way you could be clueless enough to not see the difference between someone spraypainting a wall and someone dangerously riding a motorcycle on sidewalks and through stops igns and red lights. It’s just not possible that you don’t grasp this.

        • Get a gang of white kids to recklessly ride illegal dirt bikes though my neighborhood, and I’ll show you the same vitriol.

        • I think the difference is, you can seriously hurt someone riding an ATV on the sidewalk or get hurt yourself running red lights on one. The jokers in this video are causing property damage, but not threatening to hurt anyone (or themselves, unless you count inhaling paint fumes).

  • Looks like this poster wants more rage over tagging by white girls not endangering anyone’s lives to match that of the anger at black dirt bike gangs actually endangering peoples lives. Because they only see racism vs severity of the crime…

    • If everyone on a dirt bike hit a pedestrian or caused an accident then I’d see your point, but the reality is that the MAJORITY of black kids riding motorcycles through the city end up harming no one. That’s what I think you don’t see.

      • Seriously! Being scared of a large group of AA teenagers on dirt bikes does not constitute “harm”.

      • So long that #accidents caused by dirtbikes = #accidents caused by graffiti, you have a point. (Though that’s clearly not the case.)

        • No, I’m just saying that the law should be enforced equally and it should consider circumstances of why the crimes are committed. A kid riding a dirt bike through the city that doesn’t hurt anyone is not committing a serious crime. Someone defacing public property is not either. But if one perp is well off and having no excuse, the hand of the law should be less lenient on them. While IF A DIRTBIKE RIDER HARMS SOMEONE while illegally riding a dirt bike, then the full circumstances of the offense should be levied upon them…

          I’m not proposing that law enforcement should be lenient on riders that cause accidents at all, but somehow you see me as saying that?

          • Ah so just because no was run over (this time) by a kid illegally riding a dirt bike in a reckless and dangerous manner, he should be treated no differently than someone who wrote something on a wall with paint in the middle of the night? That’s the “logic” you’re using here? You are making my brain hurt.

          • In response to your statement, “A kid riding a dirt bike through the city that doesn’t hurt anyone is not committing a serious crime” — I don’t see how reckless endangerment (not sure how this is phrased under the D.C. Code) is not a serious crime.

          • We don’t just punish people for hurting someone, we punish people for putting someone at risk. The punishment for actually hurting someone is higher.

            Consider – drunk driving doesn’t hurt anyone, but it is a serious punishable offense. Killing someone while driving drunk is some form of murder (ok, not a lawyer). Shooting a gun is an offense that doesn’t hurt anyone, but is a serious punishable offense. Shooting a person is a more serious event.
            Tagging doesn’t hurt anyone and can’t hurt anyone (maybe if you throw the can at them?), so it is punished as a property crime.

          • “I’m just saying that the law should be enforced equally.”
            I agree with you. Unfortunately, the police only make an effort to catch the white tagger, while watching the black ATV rider zip past them through a red light. Where’s the MPD video of people on ATV asking for help identifying the riders?

          • @Anonymous September 17, 2014 at 12:39 pm

            You’re referring to the details of the crime and that’s fine, but not what I’m referring to. If each individual case was dealt with in the context it should be, I wouldn’t have a problem with law enforcement. A guy in New York got choked to death for selling bootleg cigarettes, here in DC a guy was shot by police for pulling out his wallet. There is a history of unequal law enforcement, THAT is what I’m talking about, and it’s driven by incorrect public perception.

            No matter how you want to see it, there aren’t huge hoards of bootleg bikers terrorizing the city and riding on sidewalks. That ideal is being sensationalized heavily. It is a handful of people exhibiting reckless behavior. Some people suggested that ALL RIDERS should be chased and punished, which is wrong because that includes innocent and law abiding riders that harm no one.

            I am referring to the severity of the crime and the level of attention and enforcement that DC gov and citizens think is fair, and hoping that a more balanced perspective can evolve on crime in DC overall. We often look at the black and Latino drug dealers hanging out on the streets, but not the perps (of many races including Caucasian) that fuel the drug trade because of historical and movie industry bias. A more fair approach should be taken to ease coexistence of looking at people as individuals who are individually responsible for their own actions, rather than making racial generalizations on who commits crime.

            Of course harm to people is more sever than harm to property, but the way that the response to kids riding dirtbikes through the city was portrayed in comments by a fair amount of POPVILLE and Reddit DC posters was unfair and driven by insensitivity and a lack of understanding of real social circumstances… People from every race contribute to crime all over the world, if race is a factor (as in stating that behavior is typical of a specific race and age for example) then unfairness in enforcement and punishment for crime are always an unfortunate end result, and it’s been happening for years now. This is the issue I’m citing here.

            If you weren’t one of the posters that used ugly language and condemnation against the dirt bike riders based on racial grounds, then my comments probably don’t apply to you.

          • Anonymous 1:21 pm, I think your overall point is a good one, but with regard to “Some people suggested that ALL RIDERS should be chased and punished, which is wrong because that includes innocent and law abiding riders that harm no one” — there’s no such thing in D.C. as a law-abiding dirtbike rider, because riding a dirtbike is illegal in D.C.
            (I guess the exception would be if someone owned a dirtbike in D.C. but rode it only in a jurisdiction where dirtbikes are legal, and used a trailer or something to get it there.)

          • Anonymous @ 1:21: I agree with you fully that law enforcement is unequal in this country; however your point may be better made when comparing equal crimes. Public endangerment does not equal property defacement. It wouldn’t make a difference if the person defacing property is white or black. So maybe save the soapbox for a time the argument is more appropriate– I have a feeling you won’t have to wait too long. By wailing about unequal law enforcement any and all times the subject of arrest or punishment comes up, you’re making it so that people won’t listen to you when it actually applies (see also: the boy who cried wolf).
            But yes, I’ll reiterate that unequal punishment under the law is a real thing. Just not in this particular instance.

  • It’s funny to see no one has yet referred to these taggers as animals or public housing degenerates. Pretty sure many on this blog would have thought it was minorities doing the tagging if there wasn’t video evidence.

    • They’re not actively endangering anyone with their antics. (Well, my aesthetic sense are horribly offended, but I think I’ll make it through this one.) But good try trolling (unless you seriously don’t see the difference, in which case I hope this helps explain it).

      • So a package thief is endangering someone? Oh ok, I get it!

        • I’m not going to defend blatant racism in prior threads (guess I missed that particular package theft thread?), but most of the indignation came from threads where violence/discrete threat of violence occurred.

          • I firmly believe that if the taggers in this video were Black or Latino, people would be screaming “Lock em up!!” online. This kind of passive opinion on crime when the perps don’t fit expected categories highlights the unfairness that many don’t see, or at least don’t wan’t to see.

            Special thanks to POP on posting this video for a balanced view on crime in DC.

          • Accountering

            Well, you’re wrong. If the taggers were black or latino, I would be saying the exact same thing I said above. They should be punished, and it should be a fine or community service. Sorry I don’t fall into your stereotype of a black/latino hating white-man.

          • Then I guess you’ve missed all the posts about someone urinating in an alley, or about chicken bones everywhere and the other numerous “non violent or behavior that does not post a danger to anyone” posts on here where minorities are referred to as anything other than human beings. You don’t have to agree with me, but can acknowledge the difference in tone in the comments being posted.

          • @Accountering

            Then what I said doesn’t apply to you. I am speaking about the people who did involve race as a circumstance in their past posts.

        • Property theft and tagging…apples and oranges.

          • property tagging =property damage. Besides I’m not comparing the crimes, I’m comparing the response based on who the perps are. The response here is no way as harsh or vile as they would be if the perps were minorities with the same or even less infractions committed.

          • Property theft and tagging do share the overlap of costing the victim money (one to replace whatever is stolen and the other to re-paint over tags).

  • It looks like the woman has a tattoo (sleeve) on her right arm – hopefully this will make it easier for the police to ID her if its the case. Does anybody else see it (around 1:10 in).

    When caught, taggers should be made to manually scrub/remove/clean their work in front of an audience of taunting locals.

  • Jerks with no respect for other people’s property. I hope they get caught and punished.

  • I certainly didn’t expect to see some 40-year-old white woman doing this tagging! She probably owns a million dollar rowhome around the corner. I have a feeling it won’t take long for the police to catch her.

  • I would love to know her background. I wonder if she comes from a “good” family and the tat/ tagging are her idea of “rebelling” – albeit one that is relative low risk. I mean, if she never gets caught it doesn’t impact her long term employment and status and then in a few years she can look back at her misspent years. This tagging perpetrated by that person (and in this video it was more about her than him) is all about thrills and the secret tee hee hee and is quite pathetic. At least if you are going to rebel, REBEL.

  • I can just imagine her watching this video. She is gripped with embarrassment and fear of being found out yet she can’t stop watching it , hoping that distinguishing features are not too distinguishing. But no, we know her and its only a matter of time before she becomes a known laughing-stock. And the same with her itchy friend.

    • Bed bug bites probably, indicating residence in moderately priced hippie-starving-artist lofts likely in Kalorama.

      -Not the police

  • That guy walks with a distinctive waddle. That might prove to be a valuable clue.

  • Sure. So long as we get to see the idenity of whoever reviews the video feed. That seems like a fair swap.

  • Am I crazy or is the guy huffing at the 00:56 mark?

  • the tag MS BHAVE clearly indicates she must be from the BHAVE clique of MS 13

  • I find this very interesting as I have recently had someone vandalize the wooden handrails at the place I rent with scribbles of letters (doesn’t appear to form a word) a couple weekends ago. Not too far from here, I am at I & 7th NE.

    I went out with a friend on a Friday night and the graffiti was not there when we left. I got back fairly early in the night, around midnight and still didn’t notice anything different (I am pretty observant). I was letting my dog out the following morning and lo and behold, there was graffiti scribbled on the post. Not sure what the purpose of doing this is in the first place. Hope they catch them!

  • If you’re going to tag, put your damn purse down or get a crossbody bag.

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