MPD makes another ATV seizure and Arrest at 4th and Bryant Street, NW

From MPD:

“At approximately 10:30 p.m. [Friday] the Third District Crime Suppression Team was conducting an operation in the area of 4th and Bryant Street, NW. The Crime Suppression Team observed a suspect operating an ATV and drinking a bottle of alcohol.

The suspect was arrested for Operating a Recreational Vehicle on Public Space and Drinking and Public.”

Ed. Note: Last week we learned about a new Scooter Tactical Unit and an arrest was made at 14th and U St, NW. Though this arrest was made by a CST – a reader shares an email with MPD confirming that there is a new unit has been created to deal with these issues: “We have recently started a Scooter Tact Unit to look into matters just like these. [However] It is our policy not to chase these ATV because of the dangers that it poses to innocence citizens.”

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  • It is great to see the police finding creative ways to deal with this menace. Clearly the “we can’t do anything” view espoused by the Anonymous MPD on Popville a couple weeks back are no reflective of the entire MPD.

  • Drinking in public but not drinking and driving?

    • If the ATV wasn’t “moved over a highway on wheels or traction tread”, it isn’t considered a vehicle, and I don’t think it qualifies for DUI in DC. So maybe he wasn’t actually on the road? No idea

      • Accountering

        They need to fix this. I see no reason how this isn’t DUI. You can get DUI in a car with the keys in it, so this should certainly qualify.

        • Maybe he wasn’t actually impaired?

          • Doesn’t matter. Also illegal to drink in/on the vehicle, even if not technically impaired.

          • It doesn’t matter if he was impaired. It says he was actually seen drinking while driving. Try convincing an officer that because you aren’t above the legal limit it doesn’t matter that you have a road soda. At least in most states, any open container (even if in the back seat and empty) is grounds for a DUI.

          • As far as I can see, if you aren’t impaired then you can’t get a DUI in DC. It’s illegal to have an open container in a car, but that’s a different law, and that’s the one he actually was charged with – § 25–1001. Drinking of alcoholic beverage in public place prohibited; intoxication prohibited.

    • in some states it is OWI or OUI, operating, not driving… so it covers boats, tractors, snowmobiles, ATVs, etc.

  • Huzzah! Please please catch more of them. They are a menace to society!

  • Did the email from MPD really say “innocence citizens”? Oof.

  • One down, about 209 more to go…

  • This seems like a promising start.

  • Thankfully, it seems that MPD agrees that is only a matter of time before someone gets killed. My question is, would only the person who did the killing be prosecuted or all gang?

  • Quad bike gangs also circulate at the intersection of 4th and Bryant NORTHEAST – almost on a daily basis. They’re loud and extraordinarily dangerous for pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers alike. MPD – come out to 4th and Bryant, NORTHEAST!

  • I saw a whole bunch of ATVs driving south on 14th last night through Columbia Heights. They were doing wheelies and causing quite the disturbance. I didn’t know whether to call the police or not.

  • There was a gang of these guys speeding up Monroe St in Brookland on Saturday night.

  • Thank You MPD. I saw multiple ATVs and Mopeds (?) driving around Quincy and Spring Rd Avenue NW last night.

    • Also on NY Ave just east of Florida/9th St NE. Headed right toward two MPD cars parked near that little garden store on Montana, I like to think that’s where their ride ended (even though I know it didn’t).

  • On Saturday night around midnight I was walking on 9th and Nst NW and about 6 ATV/Motorcyclers rode by. The went on the sidewalk along the backside of the convention center causing people to jump out of the way (it was VERY busy – Art All Night was happening). Most of them had ski masks on.

  • I saw a gang of bikes and ATVs heading down Benning Road towards H St. A police car passed them going the opposite direction and didn’t even attempt to engage.

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