Missing Cat – Beedie – last seen around 5th and Hamilton St, NW


“Hi PoPville neighbors!

We believe that our cat, Beedie, got out of the house on Thursday (9/11) when some contractors were doing some work and we’re hoping that he’s alive and still nearby.

If you happen to see an orange american shorthair with small white rings on his tail in the 5th and Hamilton St. NW area of Petworth, please contact Erik at 202.302.6695. He’s 11 years old and has only been an indoor cat so he may be scared/hiding.

Again, please contact me if you’ve seen this cat.

Thank you!

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  • I hope Beedie is returned to her home safe and sound very soon. 🙁

  • I’m so sorry! I hope he makes it home soon.

  • Generally, cats don’t stray far from home. Try putting his litter box outside (he’ll recognize the smell) and a little bit of food and water. Good luck!

  • poor beedie! I’ll keep an eye out, though I’m pretty far away. My cat ran away and I left treats out every night and her favorite towel that she lays on…she came back 3 weeks later and is happily sleeping next to me right now, so don’t lose hope!

  • Emmaleigh504

    Go home Beedie! Your humans miss you!

  • Check the inside of your box spring! That’s where my cat hides when contractors come in and terrify her.

  • If you can, put a baby monitor next to the litter box. A lot of times, indoor cats that get out will hide during the day and come out to explore in the middle of the night. If they come back to the litter box when you are sleeping, you will hear it and be able to go outside to retrieve the cat. My indoor cat got out early this summer and this trick worked for me!

  • Emmaleigh504

    Oh I just noticed Beedie’s little tongue! So cute! I hope you find him safe and sound soon!

  • I’m your neighbor! I will keep an eye out for Beedie when I get home tonight. One of the women on my block (west side of 5th south of Hamilton) feeds the neighborhood strays in the alley, so perhaps Beedie is getting some food there…

  • Luchauer

    Thank you all for the comments and tips. We truly appreciate it. Please share with your friends in the area. Here’s another photo with some better lighting to see his coat…


    @Anonymous neighbor, we’re on the South side as well, but on the 400 block. Thanks for keeping an eye out!

  • Very good comments – just had similar situation happen a few weeks ago. If you or neighbors have cat-accessible deck, check under it. They usually don’t stray far from home.

  • Luchauer

    Beedie is home! We found him at a neighbor’s house, hiding near a back stairwell. Only a small scratch on his head and a little weak/tired, but he’s okay. Thankful to have him home. And thankful for everyone’s comments.

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