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  • Love this place, one of the better value restaurants in the District. The ropa vieja is great. The sandwiches are not bad, but not as good as the entrees IMO. Nice to see they’ll be offering alcoholic drinks in the near future.

  • My elderly Cuban mother-in-law lives with us, and this is our go-to place for Cuban food in the area. While it might not compare to some of the Cuban food you can get in Miami or Union City, NJ (which has a huge Cuban population), it’s definitely the best in D.C. and gets her seal of approval! We usually go there once or twice a month.

  • I love this place. It’s delicious. I usually get the ropa vieja, and generally it’s enough food for 2 meals. The empanadas and free bread are both very tasty too.

  • Good! This place has tasty food. I’m more likely to eat there if I can get a beer.

  • My two favorites are the ropa veija and aporreado de pollo – even better to enjoy them with a beer!

  • Woohoo! Great restaurant all around. I’m an especially big fan of their breakfasts.

  • Went here once around when they first opened and really enjoyed the food. I have been meaning to go back, and adding alcohol will help.

  • They could serve me styrofoam with their garlic sauce and I’d be a happy customer. The pape rellenas are good too.

  • Favorite consistent place to eat in DC. Their rice and beans make my stomach smile. Their tostones are near perfection, and I’ve never have a bad entree (highlight for me is the aporreado de pollo). Beer won’t hurt their cause.

  • i, too, love this place. not having a liquor license was a bummer. i’m still hoping los hermanos just two doors down will get a liquor license, too. their lechon and arroz con gandules are to die for. it’s gotta be kind of rough to have a cuban place open just two doors down from a dominican place, but here’s hoping they both stay around!

  • I’m a big fan. My favorite meal is the bistec empanizado (think Cuban-style chicken-fried steak).

  • I can’t remember the names of what I”ve had, but the food is fabulous! And very reasonably priced. We should come here more often, for sure.

  • I’ve eaten there only once (shame on me, especially since I live just blocks away) but the food was very good as was the service. No alcohol but the woman (owner?) working there recommended “mamey”, a sort of tropical fruit smoothy and it was delicious. Definitely plan to go back.

  • I live right nearby and really enjoy eating there. I can’t remember the names of the dishes I usually get, but the ground beef with onions and olives and the shredded chicken in tomato sauce (with rice, beans and fried plantains on the side) are both delicious. I’ve never had any complaints and if it wouldn’t make me so fat, I’d probably eat there twice a week.

    Oh, and very reasonable prices for the quality and amount of food.

  • Hitching Post now serving breakfast/brunch Saturday and Sunday from 9am.

  • Favorite place in DC & best value for your $$$ hands down! I get the lechon asado with the black beans & rice & sweet plantains (sometimes an extra side of them too!) it’s SOOO good!

  • Amazing vegetarian entrees!

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