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  • Correct, I saw them loading it into a van as I was leaving the office at about 6:30 p.m. It was in the alleyway across 16th from the Sumner Row alley between L and M. Van was labeled “Digital Design & Imaging” or something like that. It had been visible from our office much of the day.

  • Saw something that looked nearly identical to this from a rooftop after work in dupont last week. We all thought it looked like it was anchored over in VA, but it was hard to tell. My theory was that it was one of those new blimp drones proposed to be deployed over DC. But I don’t think that was a correct guess.

  • Those are obsolete now due to drones. Hope the company made enough money to pay off their investment.

    • Actually, DC’s very restrictive airspace makes tethered balloons a near necessity. I’m pretty sure that any company in the business of launching these would also be involved in flying untethered RC quadcopters or true drones elsewhere. Besides, these are cheap to fly, durable, packable, and simple to train others to use. Stop being so angry angry parakeet. Go fly a kite, or a ballon!

  • hmmm….I noticed a big gorilla walking around downtown with a string hanging from his hand wistfully searching the skies….

  • I work across from Washington Post, and they had it on their roof for a few hours. Not sure what purpose it serves.

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