Looking for Dog Friendly Things to Do/Places to Go?

Magners of Logan Circle (yes, named after the Irish cider!). Today is our one month adoptaversary from K9 Lifesavers!

“Dear PoPville,

Looking for nice ideas of things to do with pup and other half. No car, so would be nice if it was in walking distance of NW, because we also can’t take her on public transport either! Though we’re willing to walk far too (walked to eastern market last weekend) – don’t want people to think it has to be a five block radius!! As it gets cooler, there’s only so long we can rely on outside seating at restaurants and cafĂ©s, so any ideas the community has to take us through winter would be wonderful!!”

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  • Where do you live? If walking distance to Eastern Market, you might also be walking distance to Congressional Cemetary. http://www.congressionalcemetery.org/dogwalking-program

  • Walk the trails in Rock Creek park!!!!

  • OP here – we live in Logan Circle, but will walk pretty far on a weekend. Congressional Cemetery looks like an awesome idea! Basically looking for ideas to switch it up and discover somewhere new. Bonus if we can let her off though not essential – we’re not 100% there yet with coming when called as we’ve only had her a month – so somewhere fenced/not near roads would be great… again, not essential because that will narrow the list! Plus she’s an excellent walker on lease!! Thanks all 🙂

  • I second the recommendation for the Rock Creek Park trails. We take our dog almost every weekend (even in the winter), and there are SO many different places to go. Endless fun!

  • These won’t help you until next year, but don’t forget about Pups in the Park at Nationals games and the doggie swim day after they close the city pools on Labor Day.
    Looks like a sweet pup – enjoy!

  • There is no better dog spot in DC than Glover Park – it’s near Gtown and is part of Rock Creek but also it’s own world. There is a creek, other dogs, etc. It’s great!

  • The Washington Hilton is having its annual Doggie Dip swim on November 1 to benefit the Washington Humane Society: http://support.washhumane.org/site/PageServer?pagename=support_specialevents#Doggie Dip

  • Under far, check out Battery Kimble park, hills, creek and room to run. Also a few dog lovers always present, year round.

  • It can’t be said enough: Rock Creek Park is my go to spot when staying local. So many trails and creek hopping spots.

    Georgetown Waterfront, Navy Yard waterfront, C&O Canal Trail.

    I’ve heard Battery Kemble Park in NW DC is a really popular place for people to take their dogs. It’s about 5 miles from where you live. If your dog is into it, a dog trailer attached to a bike is a great way to increase distance without worrying about your pup’s joints and pads. And then you can get out to Theodore Roosevelt Island. There’s a dirty little beach that a dog would find pretty delightful.

    Have fun!

  • I don’t know about D.C., but when I lived elsewhere many cabs would take dogs – it was basically up to the driver. Is that not the rule here? Because that would put a lot more places in play.

  • It’s Jamie from Ivy & Coney. Although I do have a car on the weekends I don’t like using it and also am close to Logan Circle/U St/Shaw Area. If you are looking for a dog park Shaw & Dupont are both great. For places to go that are dog friendly some of the best are Dacha Beer Garden, St. Ex, Matchbox, Cantina Marina, Standard Beer Garden and Blind Dog Cafe. Also if you use UBER and call them as soon as they take the fare and let them know about the dog so far I’ve had a 100% say yes. Almost every taxi has said no when I’ve tried to hail one with my dog next to me. Hope that helps.

    • Thanks Jamie! We frequent the Shaw dog park often! Thanks for all the restaurant and bar recs, have been to most of those. Do they keep their outside spaces open in the cold? We’ve also had 100% success with Uber drivers taking her (we uber’ed everywhere on Day 1 from the adoption event in Shirlington to C Heights Petco and home!!) but also love walking everywhere on the weekends – and not many ubers around Great Falls etc!! Keep meaning to try I&C, will pop in next time the pup is at home 🙂

    • Actually Standard does not allow dogs, just FYI. It has saddened me on more than one occasion. Occasionally the owner makes an exception for specific people, but overall no. And cog, they do not stay open in the winter.

  • Meridian Hill Park is a great place for dogs (especially after big snow storms, where the dogs run around and have a great time), as is the National Mall and Tidal Basin area. We sometimes will do walks to our local Petco or other pet store during winter; the dog loves sniffing everything in the store, and you can leave with some cheap treats if it becomes too expensive. I agree with Rock Creek Park; there’s a great trail that runs from north of Mt. Pleasant, and there are trails that head around the zoo and all over. If you’re willing to walk south for awhile, the waterfront area at Navy Yard is fantastic. South of the Navy Yard Metro stop, they’ve added a beautiful park (including dog park) and there’s a path you can follow along the river (look up Osteria Morini for an idea where to go). If you really want to take a long walk, go across the bridge and follow the Mt. Vernon trail to Gravelly Point. The National Arboretum is also a great place for dogs. Locally, there are plenty of dog parks in the area, obviously. There’s also this: http://www.peopleanimalslove.org/new_volunteers.php, which is a way to have fun with your dog and give back to the community.

  • anonymouse_dianne

    WARL has a Barktober fest Oct 25 at the Yards park
    many options including no beer tickets.

  • Come, with your pup, to the Bagels and Barkers Breakfast at the Westin Georgetown (24th and M) this Saturday. September 27, 9 to 11 a.m. It is in courtyard; go through hotel main entrance!

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