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  • Pleasantly surprised when I went there. Salmon fish tacos were excellent, great french fries, and even the fish sticks (really more like fish nuggets) were very tasty. This place should definitely be more busy…

  • Love this place! Everything I have had is great. The soup is amazing, the burger is juicy and the salmon fish tacos are excellent! I am always surprised that it isn’t busy because it is really good!

  • I went to Fishnet week they opened. The space is great but the rest of the experience feels like you are in a DC carry-out joint that woke up in a restaurant. I wasn’t expecting a beautiful plate of food but the fish taco arrived looking like it had been stranded on desert island with two pieces of lettuce as garnish. Not an exaggeration. The fish taco was pretty good; well cooked, well seasoned. I would eat it again but add the cavet that it was both overpriced and not really taco-like. It looks more like Shawafel, which actually made it perfect for a carry-out joint. I also ordered the fresh fish basket which was also well done but overpriced and small. I’m a small person and I like small servings but this was more like a small plate than a basket. Recommended name change: fish baskette. I live near Fishnet and had high hopes. I would even be willing to give the medium rate food a pass if the price was right and my fridge was empty enough but at the price point, save your money and get something better (and bigger) on the same block. Fishnet tries but feels like amateur hour in a city of great cooks and even better restauranteurs. Just my two-cents.

  • Not a fan. The employees acted like they really didn’t want to be there, and the food was mediocre and overpriced.

  • Formerly Broken Jaw

    I’ve been and it was great! I had the fish of the day which I believe was cod. They also carry Maine Root beverages. Thanks for he reminder….I need to remember this place and get off one stop early to ring home dinner.

  • I’ve enjoyed the meals I’ve eaten there, but I’m not a fan of the table service they do for dinner and wish they’d end that practice. The experience of eating there isn’t heightened one iota with the table service. I also think they’d be very busy for dinner if they’d cut their prices by a small amount.

  • been a couple times, will go back. a good addition to the neighborhood. i like that its somewhere in between a restaurant and takeout. not dragon express but not eat the rich, a happy middle ground.

  • Haven’t been-the location on a quiet back street in College Park is pretty cool and totally gets the take-out vibe it seems like hasn’t worked in Shaw.

  • The food was good, but I think they really missed the mark on the price point. For us, a weeknight meal from a counter-service place generally costs somewhere between $17 and $25 (Sweetgreen, Taylor Gourmet, Chix, Meats & Eats, etc.). I get that they want to be more than just counter service, but there isn’t a lot of middle ground. It isn’t fancy/fun/interesting enough for a Friday night out with friends, but it costs nearly as much as those places (Shaw’s Tavern, Bistro Bohem, etc.).

    • Agree with this 100%. I was really excited to check this place out initially, and the food was good, but I haven’t been back since. And I live a few blocks away in Shaw. Just too expensive for what you get.

  • I’ve been three times. The fish was quite well prepared, although the portion sizes were a little small. Nothing beats getting beer while you’re waiting for your take-out!

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