Johnny Pistolas Taqueria coming to former Carriage House space this Friday in Adams Morgan

johnny pistolas dc
2333 18th Street, NW

Thanks to a reader for sending. I didn’t even know Carriage House has closed! But this has the potential to be a very nice replacement – Johnny Pistolas’ website says:

“Johnny Pistolas is a Mexican Taqueria Bar serving up delicous LA Style Tacos, Signature Craft Cocktails in a fun and inviting atmosphere.”

Check out their menus here.

They will be opening this Friday at 5pm!

Ed. Note: Good timing on our Friday Question of the Day about DC’s best tacos.

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  • justinbc

    Dang, I guess 18 months is longer than some, but still seems so short lived for a place I heard mostly positive things about.

  • A taco tray. Nice. More places should do this.

  • It doesn’t look like they’ve done anything substantial with the space, but the menu looks great.

  • “Signature craft cocktails” = the same shit you can get everywhere else except with whatever incongruous name we gave it.

  • Emmaleigh504

    I would like one of each taco please.

  • i’m not saying they’re worth it, but no, you’re incorrect.

  • i thought “psshaw. taco tray. whatever.” then i looked at it.

  • Mr.Kitty & Poes

    This will be their brunch:

    “Our format is similar to what you may find in a gaucho serviced based restaurants as our team circles the dining room offering patrons a never ending selection of 20 different menu items and 8 bottomless beverages. ”

    SIGN ME IN !!!

  • This could be a great start for the turning of admo. I want to know what will go in the newly renovated spot across the street too

  • Exciting times for Adams Morgan with this place and Pop’s SeaBar opening this week. Now if we could only get rid of the nightclubs . . .

  • Their elote is $5?!

  • Carriage House had a really great beer selection and some surprisingly above-average food, but their tap lines were dirty and their kegs (at least upstairs) were uniformly undercarbonated to a really unpleasant degree. I don’t want to think about how many kegs of DFH 90-Minute and Firestone Walker Union Jack died an untimely death up there…

  • I was excited until I saw that the vegetarian taco was falafel. What a disappointment–I hope they decide to offer something more aligned with the “Mexican Taqueria” they claim to be…

  • Dude, Mexican food isn’t just carnitas and tacos al pastor. There are like half a million Lebanese immigrants in Mexico; I haven’t gone looking, but I’m sure you can get falafel or shwarma meat in a taco plenty of places in Mexico, and I bet it’s delicious.

  • palisades

    Their drafts leave a lot to be desired

  • Al pastor is basically shawarma…

  • Carriage House was run by folks who didn’t known what they were doing or where they were, nice folks but they were from somewhere rural and didn’t get “it”.

  • are you kidding? a falafel taco is a great idea! i guess “authentic mexican” mean mexico can’t change with the times?

  • The food at Carriage House was quite good but never saw more than a handful of people in there.

  • BRING BACK TOM TOM! Anyone remember that place? Old a$$ DJ, cheap drinks, crappy wood bar on the upper dance floor area. Memories! Man, I remember when Adams Morgan was the go-to place on Friday nights! Dancing, good college fun. Back when I was 23. Haven’t really been back to AM in several years, let alone when Tom Tom died and was replaced by Carriage House.

    I am curious to see this new spot though. Even though I’d like to see more soul food places, I feel like everyone’s opening a Mexican-themed restaurant – isn’t there already like 5-10 other Mexican or Salvadorian restaurants within a five block radius of this place?

    • yeah, um, no. would so much rather have a taqueria than “good college fun’ which is just code for flat beer and the inability to move an inch because it’s so packed, and constantly getting stepped and spilled on as people try to squeeze by. i didn’t even like that when i was IN college going to fraternity bar parties at tom tom. and since i actually live in AM now, i’m quite happy to let the college students party somewhere else.

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