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  • Start the office pool…how long until one of the escalators is out of service?

    — I pick Sunday, September 7th.

  • This is sadly wonderful news. Only took a year. Any chance you or someone else could look in to why the middle escalator was out for 2 years at L’enfant Plaza then opened for a month then went back out of order for at least the last 6 months?

  • The ones at columbia heights have been out for a year now, no work appears to be getting done. Shocked nobody has fallen onto the tracks yet during rush hour. It gets to be very dangerous.
    But yes, these will break down within the week.

  • LOL!
    I definitely did a double take the first time I came out of a train and saw that the construction barriers had been removed and both escalators were running — I think last week? (Or maybe the week before?)
    I too am wondering how long before one of them breaks down.

  • ha! when i got off at georgia ave and saw two shiny, new, WORKING escalators, i actually turned around and thought i most certainly got off at the wrong stop too.

  • epric002

    except now the entrance escalators on southbound georgia are undergoing maintenance- 1 is totally out of service and the other 2 are hit or miss :/

  • I’ve never lived anywhere for a long time where I used the public transportation often (well, when I did it was system that didn’t get as much use), but does this happen in other cities with similar transportation infrastructure? The excuse is always, “oh, they get so much wear and tear, too many people walking, running, etc…” If that’s true, other cities would experience the same issues. It just seems like a disproportionate number of escalators are always broken. I mean, I’m pretty much guaranteed to encounter at least one broken escalator during a typical metro commute, and that’s only 2-4 stops out of the whole system.

    • No. This is the only place that i’ve ever lived that has such a poorly functioning metro system. Every single escalator on my commute is out and has been since last january, yet they have the gall to claim that 90% of escalators are functioning.

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