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  • I live a half block away from this house. I always wonder how hot it must get in the summer being all black. Roof deck does look amazing though!

    • Although I’m not sure I would have chosen black, the dark color scheme is closer to the traditional Victorian palette for painted brick homes than the popular grey & white paint job next door.

  • I see my red door and I want it painted black
    No colors anymore I want them to turn black

  • Emmaleigh504

    Looks like they have an outhouse up there.

  • Don’t remember the downstairs unit being listed, but the upstairs unit seemed like a great deal when it was on the market.

    • A great deal? It was listed for $600K.

      The bottom was listed when the top was. I looked at them both. The top sold in two days for over asking apparently. The roof deck was very nice. But there are better deals to be had in terms of square footage. The roof deck sold that place for sure.

  • Anyone know what a roofdeck like that should cost?

    • It really depends on a LOT of things. This house was a complete gut-job, so the relative cost of adding a roof deck there was A LOT less than you adding one to yours. But here’s a ballpark figure: 20-50k.

      • Sorry, not sure why I decided to go all caps on “a lot”. It’s probably best to wait until you have to replace/redo your roof to add a deck since you can sorta kill two birds with one stone there.

  • They got some Baltimore on their house. They should wash it off.

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