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From just north of H Street, NE. Awesome. I’m just seeing the for rent sign in the photo now hahaha (I was focused up top.) Anyone who lives nearby happen to know how much it’s going for? I think it’s around 7th and I Street, NE on I.



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  • I love those window boxes. DC rowhouses need more window boxes. I’ve been thinking of putting some under my upstairs windows on the front of the house.

  • Oh wow, I’ve been watching the progress on this one, as it was just completely renovated. I thought for sure it would be a flip, but interesting to see it will be rented.

  • That’s 821 I Street NE, built in 1903. The Streetview photo, taken in May, shows how much has been done to the exterior in the last few months. I love the arcs painted over the side windows.

  • It’s a beautiful renovation. It doesn’t look like it, but is there a potential income unit that might be for rent?

  • They have been working on this house for about a year now, so I knew it was a flip. The owners are incredibly nice and paid really close attention to the details. This home has two units in it so I wonder if they are renting out both, each for 2050, if so. Good for them, 4100 a month.

  • Wow, this is my old apartment- it’s 821 I St. I lived here for five years and let me tell you, it looked nothing like that, but it was still very charming and I loved it. The landlord, Craig, lives two houses down which makes making rent payments and getting things fixed easy. I do miss living there, so definitely scoop it up if you can. I only paid $800 though when I was there, but H street is hot hot hot and that was before the renovation.

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