HÄLSA “Revolutionary fast food start up opening in Brookland” at Monroe Street Market in mid-October

Rendering via Halsa’s Facebook

Thanks to a reader for sending. Halsa’s website says:

“Opening Fall 2014
Brookland, Washington, DC

HÄLSA is a new “fast-slow food” restaurant.

Our chefs prepare NUTRIENT-DENSE dishes full of fresh ingredients that are sourced from LOCAL FARMERS and THOUGHTFULLY PLATED for you in a fast, casual setting.

Grab and go. Grab and sit. Take home for dinner.”

They also sleuthed this post from WeWork:

“This is where Emily Gaines comes in. A WeWork Wonder Bread member and a healthy-living extraordinaire, Emily firmly believes that “fast” and “nutritious” don’t have to be mutually exclusive. In an effort to prove this point, Emily is launching her first restaurant in September, an organic, locally sourced, fast food spot called hälsa. Although not of Swedish decent, Emily got this name from the Swedish word meaning “health,” both of mind and of body. “The Swedish are into eating locally and organically,” Emily explains. “They are also on the cutting edge when it comes to sustainability,” another key component of Emily’s concept.

hälsa will be located in a new development in the Brookland area of D.C. called the Monroe Street Market. This spot will house other restaurants like &pizza, Potbelly, and Busboys and Poets, as well as several subsidized art studios. Emily chose this location based on its proximity to students from Catholic University and a growing population of young families and young professionals, all groups likely to share her passion for healthy and sustainable eating.

hälsa will serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner using 80% locally sourced ingredients from D.C.-based farms such as 3 Farmers, Tree and Leaf, Next Step Produce and Ecofriendly Foods. The remaining 20% of her products will be those not found locally such as avocados, cocoa, and several superfoods (She also plans to include coconut ice cream on the menu).”

And a job posting says:

“Hälsa is a revolutionary fast food start up opening this fall in Brookland, DC. Hälsa is dedicated to providing, healthy, fresh, and seasonal cuisine in a quick environment. We are currently seeking front of house team members on a full or part time basis.

We will be serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner 6 days a week. We are opening in mid-October but are seeking cashiers to join our team now to help with other startup activities before the opening.”

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  • I’m always excited to see new things coming into Brookland, but I have no idea what this description means. It uses every trendy food buzzword “local,” “organic,” etc, etc, but no idea what kind of food this place will have. What is a “fast-slow food” restaurant?

    • I’m guessing that it’s going to be focused more on ingredients than any type of food (e.g. “American” or “Thai”). I cook local, and find that I shop and eat based on what’s available rather than hewing to any one cuisine (Asparagus? Fettucine or Nicoise Salad. Cauliflower? Aloo Gobi. And so on). I imagine that this will be the same. Like anything else, if it’s done well it will be worth going there.

  • Definitely not getting excited over the generic, buzz-word-laden promo blurb. It’ll be a “wait and see” on this one.

  • Sounds like an IKEA table…

    What ever happened to Filter and the Bike Rack going in there? There has been no movement on it, I wonder if it fell through and this is going in its place?

    • filter/bike rack: I was at the b-land farmers market a few weeks ago and spoke to a carpenter who was working on filter/bike rack and I think he said they’re expecting to be finished and opened by October.

  • Halsa is the caterer for the newly opened Lee Montessori. Sample menu items for our kids include:

    Pulled Eco-Friendly Foods Pork,Braised Greens, Baby Corn
    Baked Penne Pasta: Bolognese, Eggplant, Cheese & Bread Crumb Topping

    And the wildly unpopular with the kindergarten crowd: Stuffed Local Peppers: Lentils, Sweet Potato Greens, Summer squash, Green Beans, Ground beef

    Lots of whole fruits, and my daughter is enjoying the “smoothies”they are providing as the afternoon snack.

  • Speak for yourself. D.C. is a very health-conscious city. If they cared only about cost, there would be a McDonald’s on every corner. Healthy food costs money these days, and all signs point to the fact that D.C. residents are willing to shell out.

  • I walk by Wonderbread every day and get the feeling that everyone who works there wishes they were in San Francisco.

  • How small are the plates?

  • This seems awesome and insufferable at the same time.

  • thrilled to have more healthy food options in Brookland!

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