Good Deal or Not? “walk-in closet & private terrace” edition (reader request)


This unit is located at 1310 T Street, NW. The listing says:

“Exquisite, contemporary condo by Ditto Residential. This stunner features 2BR/2.5BA on two levels (approx. 1,725SF). The main level includes LR w/floor-to-ceiling windows, gourmet open-plan kit w/massive island, Quartz countertops & top-of-the line appliances. MBR suite w/walk-in closet & private terrace & 2nd BR suite w/large cedar deck. Garage prkg for one car.”

You can see more photos here.

This 2 bed/2.5 bath is going for $1,199,000 ($188 monthly fee.)

The requester notes that this is one of the “castle houses” that we’ve featured as house of the day a few times over the years.

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  • $1.2M and you don’t even get the whole house?!?
    It looks like this is popped up (and out) in the back, but the pop-up isn’t visible in the front. I feel sorry for the neighbor on the left that now has a big shadow across half of the house (because of the pop-back) where it used to get nice southern light.

  • If that’s your style, I’d say good deal. I however, hate it. Hate it sooo much.

    • Strike that, I didn’t actually read the listing. Not a good deal. And now that I see it’s a condo, I hate it sooooo much more.

    • What about it do you hate? It’s beautiful inside! The castle thing is a little over the top, I guess.

      • It looks so sterile and characterless. That might be it.

        • maxwell smart

          that is it, actually – this is an example of modern minimalism done the wrong way – the materials and details need to really be exemplary in order for this to work and at this appears to be Ikea craftsmanship at best. Hard pass.

          • I hate all white. I hate flat. I hate it when a kitchen looks like it belongs in a surgical unit. I hate the back being solid glass overlooking an alley. I suppose if you gave me this house on the beach in Malibu I’d take it. But in DC, give me woodwork and early 20th century details, please.

            Like I said, if that’s your style, it’s good. Me, not so much.

  • It is gorgeous, albeit expensive

    • Agreed. It’s not a “deal,” but for that location, and with those finishes and views, it doesn’t have to be.

  • sold on 4/13/12 for $811000, now they’re trying to sell one condo for $1.2? Highway robbery. It looks like they “repurposed” those bathroom cabinets from the ’80s

    • Also, whenever listings post pictures of the “Whole Foods”, “Le Diplomate” etc. It tells me..”Hey, we know this is overpriced for what you’re getting – but look! you can over pay for your groceries and french food too!”

      • justinbc

        To me it says “we’re appealing to out of town money who has no idea what’s in this neighborhood”.

        • Well may be they should post a google maps with a distance to the front door of the store, may be they should also post a narrative of what the “ambiance” is of the street at night. Really, if there isn’t enough of a $1.2 million dollar place to show for itself then the builder recognizes its not worth it. But then again, people are paying $800 thousand in areas where shootings are pretty regular (see post yesterday about regular shootings)

        • Usually when I see a real estate listing that has lots of photos of what’s in the neighborhood, it’s because the house/condo itself doesn’t look so great and there aren’t that many photos of it, so they try to compensate. I’m surprised to see so many neighborhood photos in this one.

  • justinbc

    I don’t see any sort of retractable shades in those windows. Hope you don’t mind the neighborhood seeing you [email protected] This place feels more Chicago to me than DC.

    • jim_ed

      I was just thinking how convenient those windows will make it for burglars when they decide to rob you. You might as well put your electronics on a rotating desert tray out back.

    • Formerly Broken Jaw

      Standing at the island in my kitchen I can see into the master bedroom so let’s not be in a rush to put up those curtains 😉

      I’m sure the agent didn’t appreciate the fact that on Sunday I washed the dog blankets and hung them out on the clothes line on my deck to dry.

    • Justin, I distinctly recall you defending the turret bathroom just up 13th Street in Columbia Heights. Glad to see you’ve come around 😉

      • justinbc

        I still think that bathroom could work, if you got the right window application to distort the view, because those windows were much smaller. Doing so on an expanse of this size would completely ruin the effect they’re seemingly trying to go for.

  • Question: Places with this style (kind of modern, lots of white, light colored floors, etc.) are almost always listed for more than other places. Is this style actually more expensive to create, is demand higher for this style, or what?

    • Without seeing this in person, I can’t comment with certainty, but I’ll say that the five or so DC condos I’ve seen that have white finishes and light floors tend to have higher-end _everything_. Ditto’s projects in particular seems to have really special details of all kinds. My guess is that this condo would look nicer in person than in photos and I’m tempted to go see it even though I’m not in the market.

      • justinbc

        Kind of silly how they quote “top-of-the line appliances” and yet the only ones you can really see are the washer and dryer…

      • Thanks, Shawess! The niceness of these places must not come across well in the pictures because they never look all that nice to me (honestly, they look cheap in pictures to me). I’ll have to check this place out. Maybe I will like it if I see it in person.

        • It could just be my own preference, though. I’m a bit of a sucker for white quartz countertops, light wood, and clean lines, since so many DC houses now have granite counter tops and dark wood that those features no longer seem special (even if they are costly). I especially like these features if they’re a bit unexpected, like when the exterior of the house is more classic, as I think this one is. That said, I’m not a huge fan of the floor-to ceiling windows in the back of this condo. But I’m also not buying it, so my opinion only matters so much 🙂

    • Yes, contemporary is very, very expensive to create.

      For example, the kitchen doesn’t clearly show a refrigerator, microwave or vent. However, I’d guess that these are all carefully hidden in the cabinetry to have a flush and seemless look. It’s the small, subtle details like these that are difficult to make work, and thus expensive. And, giant glass windows are obscenely expensive.

      • Formerly Broken Jaw

        Yes all the appliances except for the stove are behind those panels.

      • Thanks! I never knew the behind the cabinets look is so expensive. It’s in a lot of mcmansions, so I always assumed it was pretty standard.

      • houseintherear

        I’m commenting too late, but I just have to say… it cost me a whopping extra $40 to “hide” my dishwasher in cabinetry. It’s no big thing.

  • Arguably one of the best locations in the whole city. $1.2M may be steep, but probably worth it. Being a condo isn’t such a huge deal b/c you’re living on top. I do live in the neighborhood and glad to see crap properties re-habbed. I thought the flipper buying for $800,000 was ill advised at the time, apparently they’re trying to turn a decent profit (no idea what the bottom unit will list/sell for).

    Not my style but it will appeal to someone and sell quickly.

    • ” Being a condo isn’t such a huge deal b/c you’re living on top.”

      Well, it can become a huge deal if your fellow condo-owners don’t agree with you on how to maintain the property.

  • wow it’s spectacular. great deal.

  • Totally overpriced. And I hate the fisheye lens photo of the kitchen. It looks SOOOOOO long and tunnel-like.

  • I toured this Saturday and it is a stunning renovation that flows nicely. The deck off the 2nd bedrooms is very cool nestled beneath the castle turrets. The major drawback I saw was lack of closet space; I believe there were only two and the closet in the second bedroom was very shallow (there might have been a small closet as you enter upstairs, didn’t check it out.) Price seems a bit steep but with one car garage parking and one block from U Street Metro, they may very well get it.

  • This seems pretty steep, 1.2 and you’re only getting two bedrooms and half of a house? I guess they may get it b/c of the location but wow.

  • how does the garage parking work? Do you walk through the neighbor’s house? Or is that door to the garage separated from the other unit?

  • epric002

    do not like all that shiny white cabinetry. not my thing.

  • Emmaleigh504

    I normally like this sort of style, but this one just doesn’t do anything for me and it’s not just because the kitchen is a hallway. The stripped all the old character out, but didn’t add any new minimalist character. Something about the ceiling and the walls doesn’t work.

  • The kitchen with concealed everything makes it look like an office (and not in a good way). They seem to just ignore that this is a period building rather than reconcile with it. The floor to ceiling windows don’t make sense in the city. It will appeal to some impractical trust fund baby and probably sell for list if not above.

  • nope. it’s nice and all but it’s not million-dollar nice. not for only two bedrooms.

  • I showed my wife the pics and told her where it was located and she guess the price as $1.2M. We are constantly going to open houses in this area and are very familiar with what sells. So yeah this is market price, believe it or not.

    • I would agree that this is likely the market price, and of all of the GDONs, this is one that I’m most interested in revisiting to see if I’m right or wrong about that. In spite of the many negative comments here, I think someone will be excited to buy this.

  • I love DItto Residential’s work — I find that they usually have thoughtful and innovative designs. I also give them respect for not popping the top in a way that is noticeable from the street.

    I am curious if any of the people leaving negative or snippy comments has first hand experience with renovating historic properties.

    • people leaving negative and snippy comments clearly haven’t done this first hand.

    • Agree, re: Ditto. I think this is a property that could look very different (and much nicer) in person if their other projects are any indication.

  • Hate it. Totally lacking in character. This style seems to appeal to lots of people, Ditto seems to do nicer work than most, and the location is amazing. But you can probably get something comparable in that area for less.

  • No way, this is a Bad Deal. If you are working with a $1.2 million budget you can do much better than this. No access to the parking space is redonk.

  • I visited the open house on Saturday. While this is done with great taste the finish product is subpar. The floor has plenty of dents and damage already, the first cabinet in the kitchen is completely dented, the appliances were not appropriately installed. The kitchen is super long — too long, unless you plan to entertain a battalion, In the living room, they could have added a narrow (but lengthy) balcony as they did in the MBR. The deck area is nice. However, to use any of the outside areas you need to go to the 2nd floor (above kitchen), and go through either bedroom. There is one car parking garage that is shared with the neighbor below (which is the CEO of Ditto Residential — Martin Ditto). Since they did not place a balcony on the 1st floor there are not stairs from the backyard to it. Therefore, once you park the car you have to go around the block to get to the condo. I guess the CEO didn’t want anyone going through his backyard. It is a nice unit but super overpriced, however, I am sure some lunatic will buy it at listed price!

    • justinbc

      Can you elaborate on “the appliances were not appropriately installed”? This seems like a rather serious allegation.

      • Justinbc, I am not an inspector so I did not intend to come across as “code/safety issue.” I was stating from an aesthetic perspective (e.g., crooked), which represents the attention to detail. I hope this clarifies.

  • Toured this house on Sunday and loved it. I started chatting with another browser and we wondered why it wasn’t priced higher. I think they will get their price and then some. Having been looking for over a year for a place in the city this is a good deal. Unfortunately, it’s not in my price range.

  • It only has 1.5 bathrooms. I don’t know of any condo (anywhere in DC) that has sold for over 1.- million dollars and only had 1.5 bathrooms. Moreover, the house (the ENTIRE house) located 4 doors down at 1206 T Street that has 5 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms, and a two car attached garage sold for 1.1 million less than a year ago. It had also been completely renovated. If I were the builder, I would fire my real estate agent immediately. It will see in the 800s if they are lucky.

  • Under contract in less than a week.

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