Good Deal or Not? “sunny master bedroom” edition

1738 Lincoln Road Northeast

This house is located at 1738 Lincoln Road, Northeast. The listing says:

“OPEN SUN (9/28) 2 PM – 4 PM. Great Eckington home. Walk to Metro, Harris Teeter, restaurants, & more! Stylish home featuring open floor plan with designer kitchen featuring stainless appliances, sunny master bedroom with master bath, hardwood floors, recessed lighting, & private deck. Home has energy efficient appliances, HVAC system, windows, & tankless water heater.”

You can see more photos here.

This 3 bed/2.5 bath is going for $549,900.

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  • This house has been on the market for a while, likely because it’s right outside of a shelter. Though I don’t like any of the design choices inside (the floors are fine?), I think it’s a fine house. I really like Lincoln St NE, it has a really quaint quality to it that I can’t quite explain. (Maybe because it cuts the DC grid on a slight diagonal, leaving for interesting corner homes?) North Capitol is on the verge of blowing up, so this is likely a solid investment over time.

    • I think one reason this house has likely been on the market so long is that the initial listing in May was for $625k. I like Lincoln Road too. If you look on old maps this road has been there a lot longer than the grid streets.

  • Agree, I also like Lincoln, and am loving the changes on N. Cap. I think this seems priced about right, so surprised to hear it’s been on the market awhile.

  • I find the peach-colored finish of the cabinets quite ugly. Other aspects seem very nice. The stone-like squares stuck on the exterior – are they like stucco, covering up hopeless brick/mortar? or does anyone know if they are original? Besides being next to a shelter, perhaps it hasn’t sold because it is very small (sq,ft,) for the price. Since it is a flip, the developer likely paid very little for it and should not gouge.

  • Overall cute but I do not like those cabinets or that trying-to-be-modern-but-failing breakfast bar. Also, the outdoor space could be better for it being a house–that patio is quite box-like. I agree with other posters that this is probably a good investment in the long run, but I’d put this no higher than $525k in the current market.

  • I don’t love it, but it’s hard to get a house EOTR for this amount anymore, period – and considering the price of homes across N Cap in Bloomingdale and all of the things in the pipeline nearby? Seems like a pretty good deal.

  • That’s a lot of grey paint, inside and out. Even the blue and green walls are really grey.

  • No real backyard & no parking, just that tiny little porch area

  • Are there any homes that are on the market that are owner/occupant and not flippers/developers?

    I don’t know about the price my instinct which is bad says a wee high. You are really close to McKinley which normally wouldn’t be a problem but because of the way the streets are around there are, traffic can get weird when they have events (I tutored a girl that went there and when I went to her graduation that area was a bear with all the people going to the same thing). Also, that part of the block is a bit weird. only those two houses face that way and there is Emery House across the street with a parking lot. The house on the corner backs up to this house and on the other side of the sister house is a paved lot. There is no street parking which is OK but it means that the cars that are moving are right at the curb which seems a little awkward and inhospitable. People frequently decide yes/no to seeing the inside of the house before they even go in and this part of the block is likely a big no for those with enough money to buy this house.

    That has been on the market so long that the Google Streetview has the for sale sign in front from after the flip.

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