Good Deal or Not? “exotic quartzite counters for a contemporary feel” edition (reader request)

524 Edgewood Street Northeast

This house is located at 524 Edgewood Street, Northeast. The listing says:

“Gorgeous renovation with unimpeded open floor plan and top of the line finishes. Owner~s suite has bright southern exposures and an expansive private deck. 2nd and 3rd BRs can be converted into 2nd Owners Suite with sitting area. Timeless white kitchen with exotic quartzite counters for a contemporary feel. Bsmt lvl has an in-law~s suite w/ wet bar, full day light and patio. 1 Car Garage!”

You can see more photos here.

This 4 bed/3.5 bath is going for $649,900.

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  • Rowhouses in Edgewood going for $650k? Columbia Heights getting a 1.25 million rowhouse (1011 Otis). Petworth having a 1.1 million dollars rowhouse (3729 9th).

    No, there’s no housing shortage in DC.

  • This is really high for Edgewood – at least the part of the neighborhood that’s not closer to the Brookland Metro. It’s a much nicer-than-average renovation, but I’m not sure they’ll get that much for a place that’s 1) not all that close to the Metro and 2) right across from Edgewood Terrace (not a bad place as public housing projects go, but most people capable of dropping $600k+ on a house probably will not see it that way).

  • Nothing exotic about “quartzite”. Nice renovation, although what’s with that bedroom with the extra wall stuff and barely enough room to get in/out of bed.

    In-law suite–we ran out of money so we didn’t put in a kitchen.

  • I live down the street from this house and while it is nice, the price is much too high. Drop by 100k and it will sell. The neighborhood seems to be turning around, and while you still have some troublemakers, its overall decent with close access to RI Metro and a fast commute to downtown DC.

    • brookland_rez

      The new bridge from MBT to the Metro will dramatically improve Metro accessibility of this area too.

      • Hmm I’m not sure that’s true. You’d still have to walk through Edgewood Terrace AND the shopping center to get from this house to the bridge. Otherwise it’s still a pretty long walk for most people even in the best of circumstances. I would really like to see the city make that chunk of land more walkable – perhaps by removing the fence from Edgewood Terrace and putting in some walking/biking paths.

        • brookland_rez

          Just walk down and get on the MBT trail. The bridge connects up to the trail by the shopping center. It’s really not that far.

        • Its a 12 minute walk to the RI metro from that location, 8 blocks equivalent at most. Little more than half a mile to RI OR Brookland metro. No need to walk through Edgewood Terrace, you can walk around it. House is pretty darn close to metro.

  • yes seems a bit high, a house on Adams recently went for 600k and there are two listed in the 20002 area of Edgewood on Bryant st and on 4th st for more than 550k. That “lower” part of Edgewood will be great once the west side RI ave metro entrance opens up in January.

  • If you believe the Rhode Island Avenue Shopping Center (Forman Mills et al) is going to be torn down and redeveloped mixed use the price does not seem so high. Some work has already started on adjacent lots.

    • brookland_rez

      I wish that would happen. I’m sure that mall was an effort to revitalize the area, but like most 1970’s revitalization efforts, a car centric suburban development dropped into the middle of the city just doesn’t work. I do notice a lot of vacancies in that mall. Maybe the owner is trying to clear it out to sell it? Let’s hope.
      As an aside, even though most of what they sell in Foreman Mills is junk, it’s actually not bad for things like socks and gym shorts.

    • In investing, that’s called speculation 🙂
      I think in 10 years this will be worth WAY more – but no home buyer should take that for granted; it’s too big a piece of your net worth.

  • Did they stage the master bedroom with an air mattress? The bed seems really low to the ground…

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