Good Deal or Not? “Contemporary masterpiece filled with light” edition

531 10th Street Southeast

This house is located at 531 10th Street, Southeast. The listing says:

“Fab location, Fab home! Contemporary masterpiece filled with light! Superb reno features Carrera marble in Kit, BA & Pow. rm. Elegant principal rooms w/ superb entertaining, both indoor & out. New hardscape & landscape incl. flagstone patio, privacy fence, gate & PARKING. Steps to Barracks Row, Eastern Market Metro & Hill Center.”

You can see more photos here.

This 3 bed/1.5 bath is going for $879,000.

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  • Bland flip but a good price for the location.

  • Almost 900k for a tiny 3 be with only 1.5 baths is too rich for my blood. Somebody will probably buy it at this price, and regret it when they eventually realize they overpaid.

    • Not sure they’d be overpaying. My house is the same size, sans garage, and a couple blocks from here. Zillow says it’s currently worth around $900k.

      • And it says this house is worth 778. Zillow is notoriously inaccurate.

        • 3 bed/1 bath a few blocks over on 12th Street SE went under contract a week ago for 899,500.

          • contract /= sales price. But that’s irrelevant. I said that it will probably sell for this price, but the buyers would *eventually* realize their mistake. That does not mean it won’t sell for that price now. It means that it will but I expect values to decrease. These prices simply aren’t sustainable once interest rates creep up a little more.

          • Meant to write list /= sales price

  • Adding in some colors other than grey and white would help a lot.

  • It last sold in 2011 for 740k. Pics of the pre-flipped space are here:
    The space is only 1400 square feet so that would work out to $627/sqft. I’m not certain the comps support that price especially since it only has 1.5 bathrooms. With one more full bath it could be big enough to raise a family in, otherwise it’s just a nice place for a single person or DINK.

  • justinbc

    This house makes me feel sleepy… It is a nice perk having parking in this hood on the weekend, as the Eastern Market crowds are regularly spilling over onto all the side streets hunting for spots and there are currently no protected street sides as you see in Logan, Shaw, Adams Morgan, etc.

  • Some odd choices–marble which is soft and expensive in the kitchen? But no built in microwave which seems pretty standard in a flip at this price.

  • I feel the need for a sweater.

    Is it just me or or the angle that in that master bedroom pic is the space between the wall and the end of the bed less than a foot? That second picture looks even worse. I know you have to work with what is there but I think the should have left that second picture out.

  • wouldn’t call it a “deal,” but this place seems appropriately priced for its market. It’s a little on the small side but nicely appointed.

  • Emmaleigh504

    I actually like this open floor plan! It’s open, but not too open, so you can still hide the cluttery rooms (kitchen). I also like the grey, it’s a blank slate I can work with.

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