Good Deal or Not? “Rooftop solar panels” edition

DC8464439 - Exterior (Front)

This house is located at 1510 Massachusetts Avenue, Southeast. The listing says:

“Lovely starter home in good condition in hot Hill East. Rooftop solar panels mean green living and low, low electric bills! Parking pad out back and deep front yard for your gardening and outdoor living space. Quality, energy-efficient features throughout will keep you comfortable year round.”

You can see more photos here.

This 2 bed/1 bath is going for $475,000.

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  • Yeesh, exposed brick much?
    I’d much rather pay the same for a renovated condo near H Street.

  • The “photos here” link seems to be dead.

  • Price tag looks OK for the area but YIKES that is small…

  • 6 x 11′ bedroom?!? Yikes

    • Accountering

      Not quite legal. It needs to be 70 sq feet to be a legal bedroom. If it is 6.25 x 11.2, then you are in business!

      • yea, code is far more restrictive on new construction or conversion. If someone were to get super stinky about it the 3×3 door area puts it well over the required 70sf.

        That said, I can advertise my house as a 3 bedroom and call the living room a bedroom, it’s just going to piss off people expectin 3 BR AND a livingroom (pfft, like they’r ethe Queen of England or something!). Realtors have no authority when it comes to designating what is a room or not a room or how a room is used. My favorite realtor myth is, “a room without a closet is not a legal bedroom.” Complete Bull$hit.

    • Accountering

      I kind of like the tiny bedrooms tbh. If you only have 750 sq feet to work with, I would prefer as little as possible gets wasted on 2nd and 3rd (not applicable here, but the point still holds) and more space gets used in useful areas.

  • Not a fan of all that brown/brick but It looks like a pretty good deal for a single person. You’re close to metro and the B2 that will take you to H street, not far from Lincoln Park.

    Ok deal.

    That electric stove would be a deal breaker for me unless I could easily convert it into a gas stove.

  • Accountering

    The worst part about this listing is that tiny horrible TV in the front BR. Who does that? Buy a bigger TV!

  • justinbc

    The price seems relatively low until you look at the square footage. That’s almost twice the $/sqft that I paid last year, and this is several blocks further east.

  • Downright bargain. Fantastic condo alternative. A trip to Home Depot and a day’s work replacing the tile back-splash would fix the kitchen. Do that and replace the bedspreads in the pics with solid colors and you could ask another $25k.

    • plus a can of paint will greatly improve the very ugly kitchen cabinets. Add new laminate counters or butcher block and you have a brand new kitchen.

  • Emmaleigh504

    I kind of like, just a few small changes. But it is a bit wincy.

  • Good deal for a couple w/ a small child. That area is swimming with young families.

  • Wow, that is a serious commitment to exposed brick. And the exposed brick in the shower was a poorly considered choice.

  • I think I love it.

  • I think I would class this as condo alternative but I suspect the price isn’t too far off. Considering this has some things that need to be update but it is livable this would be a good opportunity for a single person who wants a house and not a condo.

  • Last year I tried to consider a house just a few doors down from there that was originally priced around 500K if not slightly over. It ended up going for 440 and it was a gut reno. It was nicely done ,but my goodness those houses are SUPER tiny. And, I agree – at that size the brick will only darken the space and make the rooms feel smaller, bad call. I don’t know if any of the houses on the block have added a 3rd floor but the dreaded pop-up may make it worthwhile.

    • What’s a ballpark figure for dry-walling over the brick in most of the rooms, maybe leaving one wall in the living room or bedroom exposed? I’m wondering if similar to some of the kitchen fixes suggested above, this would be a cheap thing to do. But I don’t have a house so maybe my guess is off by an order of magnitude.

  • The house sold at a foreclosure auction for $87,418 in 1998! Whatever it sells for (probably close to asking) they’re in for quite the profit!! Agree on the exposed brick…really jumped the shark and it’s not even nice exposed brick.

  • In this tiny of a house, I’d keep the brick exposed so I wouldn’t waste precious floor space on framing, insulation, and dry wall. You’d lose a total of 1 foot of width in the living room by covering the brick on both sides of the room. This place is already claustrophobic, so every inch counts.
    Also, when I read “condo alternative” I think of all the pains of owning a home (maintenance) without any of the upsides (space & privacy). At this price, I think a condo would be a better deal and have more upside potential in this neighborhood. There’s a lot of wasted space in this house.

    • I totally agree on the general level of wasted space. This place could be better organized.

      Framing in the walls would require a lot less than 12 inches of material, even using conventional material. A typical stud wall would only lose 8″ (studs can be scribed to wall), using the studs sideways would only use 4″, and you could even bring that down by using metal furring channels that are 3/4″ and only lose 3 inches total. Maybe just get rid of one brick wall and paint the other side white.

      I have an exposed brick wall in my 480sf (exterior dimension) brick house. I have given a great deal of thought on how to cover the wall…

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