Good Deal or Not? “Charming corner lot” edition (reader request)

DC8466222 - Prime end lot home

This house is located at 720 Quebec Place, Northwest. The listing says:

“Charming corner lot Century Home on treelined street with deck, fireplace, original details incl pocket doors, formal DR. En suite bathroom, huge front porch, Den, Ample closets. Easy BSMT conversion. Home Warranty. 3 car pkg! 1 block to Petworth Metro! Short walk to 11th St hotspots, Lincoln Cottage, Washington Hospital Center and more!”

You can see more photos here.

This 3 bed/3 bath is going for $715,000.

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  • binpetworth

    I love it! The original wood doors and the pocket doors are lovely. I think it’ll go fast, being an end unit that close to Metro. I’d say it’s probably priced about right–maybe a little high, but I bet they’ll get around the asking price.

  • justinbc

    Cute update with some nice old details. I wonder why if it’s an “easy basement conversion” they didn’t just do it themselves to up the value though?

    • cash/money, time, willingness to deal with stress of reno, etc.

      • justinbc

        With a full reno, sure… but if it’s “easy” those things should be minimal, no?

        • That ceiling doesn’t look to be 7 feet minimum, once insulation and sheetrock is installed. Not legal and thus requiring a dig out. It would cost $75-100K to finish that basement and there’s a good chance you wouldn’t recoup that in Park View when the house is already going for $715K.

          • The basement requires a digout only if the owner wants to turn it into a “legal” rental (which would also require making the utilities separately metered, getting rid of the stairs, etc.). If the owner wants to turn it into an in-law suite or just a rec room/additional living area, no digout is required.

  • epric002

    i love the original details in this one, but the newer stuff looks like it was done pretty cheaply. very close to metro, but not sure how nice that block of quebec is. is there any side yard since the back is all parking & deck? the basement isn’t finished, the windows don’t look new, and can’t tell whether there’s central AC. maybe slightly high?

  • Under priced. Other stuff close by has been going for $780k and higher.

    • Wow are houses in Petworth without CAC and updated kitchens really going for this much now? Don’t get me wrong, I love the original details on this (woodwork and radiators in particular) and it’s got really nice bones. But it also has some really ugly features that I think most people would want to change (paint choices, most of the ceilings, kitchen counters and floors).

      • This one has an updated kitchen (albeit perhaps not one that’s to everyone’s taste) — I’d say it’s been done within the past few years.

  • Kisses deed on Petworth home, rubs hands together gleefully…

  • Accountering

    This seems overpriced. There are basically no updates, outside a slightly nicer kitchen. I am not a fan, however, apparently there are a lot of people on here that hate open concepts, this could be a good alternative? I don’t see how this is worth $715k.

  • I went to the open house for this one yesterday. The original wood details are nice, but other than that I was kind of underwhelmed. There’s central A/C on the second floor but no A/C on the first, the basement (which has one of the three full baths) is is only semi-finished and doesn’t even have a railing on the open side, etc. Most of the original portion of the house (i.e., not the sunrooms) has nice wooden floors, but for some reason the master bedroom has a Berber-type carpet.
    One plus is that this house has an en suite bathroom for the master bedroom. That’s something you often don’t see in houses of this vintage unless they’ve been flipped, and when they’ve been flipped, often they’ve lost the original wooden doors, glass handles, etc. The other bathroom on the second floor has one door to the hallway and one to the second bedroom, and that’s a nice design touch.
    I’m assuming they’re counting the upstairs sunroom as the third bedroom. The room they’re using as an office originally would have had a window to the outside, but it lost it when the sunroom was created.
    I live in the area, so I’m curious to see how this one does, but I can’t muster as much enthusiasm for it as I’d like.
    Epric002, to answer your question — There is a side yard. Not a huge one, but maybe 12 feet or so.

    • epric002

      thanks textdoc! if you fenced the front/side- would it be useable for gardening/dogs/kids/general backyard kind of stuff?

      • Hmm… maybe, but it’s on the narrower side and also has at least one tree placed in such a way that I’m not sure how well that work work. Since the back yard — which is mostly (entirely?) concrete — already has a chain-link fence, it might make more sense to expand that fence (maybe adding a gate?) and perhaps remove part of the parking pad to create an area for gardening, etc.

    • Accountering

      I am certainly underwhelmed looking at the pictures. At 715k, I think this one sits, and sits, and sits. Not sure who buys this for that price. I would say it could easily come down 50k, or perhaps even a bit more.

      • I don’t think it’ll go down that far (though I admit I don’t really know what the comps are these days). Maybe 700K?

      • Under contract in six days. I imagine it went at or above asking. It was underpriced as home that close to metro go for more.

  • Wow, this makes me even happier with the house we bought. We have some of the nice old features–pocket door, small glass window above doors, but house needs new kitchen and bathrooms so we paid significantly less than this. I agree with others in that I don’t even like the updates they made to this house. Nice the original wood floors are in good shape because ours are too damaged to refinish.

  • I looked at this house in person on Saturday morning, and it actually was less nice than the pictures showed. Lots of cheap 80s-looking additions that would need to be redone. A cooler (and larger) rowhouse than average, but I thought the quality was lower than I would have expected for that price.

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