Good Deal or Not? “4 finished levels of renovated living space” edition

913 Aspen Street Northwest

This house is located at 913 Aspen Street, Northwest. The listing says:

“OPEN SUN 9/14, 2-4p! Charming 4BR/3BA Tudor style Takoma home just minutes to Main Street Takoma Park. Enjoy 4 finished levels of renovated living space with a finished attic and lower level rec room/ 4th bedroom. Beautiful updates and generously sized rooms. Huge fenced-in backyard, perfect for entertaining. Garage parking. Mins to Metro, Farmer’s Market, Takoma Rec Center + more!”

You can see more photos here.

This 4 bed/3 bath is going for $674,900.

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  • I love it and want it now.

  • Pretty sure I actually squeed a few times looking at the pictures. It’s just so darn ca-yoot!

  • Great deal. I generally don’t like Tudors, but this house is beautifully done. Suspect will go over list.

  • It’s so bright and airy, even in the basement! And I love that funky attic space. It’s adorable and walkable to Metro. Not sure how this price compares with the rest of the area, but it looks like a good deal to me.

  • Awesome! If I were in the market, I’d jump on this.

  • In addition to being adorable, it’s also less than a block from the upcoming Walter Reed development. I say good deal.

  • I love this, but I’m almost totally unfamiliar with the area. Is it walkable (to things other than the metro)? Is there a grocery store nearby? Are the bus lines downtown reliable?

    • There’s a grocery store a few blocks away, but it’s not a good one ( There’s also a Walmart about 3/4 mile down Georgia. There are some businesses on Georgia and near the Metro. It’s about a mile walk to main street Takoma Park. You’d probably end up driving to Silver Spring (quite close) for most of your shopping needs.
      In a couple of years there will be a Harris Teeter about a mile up Georgia. And within 10 years there will be an enormous retail/residential/office development at Walter Reed, virtually across the street from this home.

    • I own a house 4 blocks up the street from this house, without a car, and get along fine, though admittedly a car would make things more convenient around here. You can walk less than a mile to a few decent restaurants in old town Takoma. For groceries, I try to hit the Safeway at off hours. The product selection is fine and prices are decent on most things (every store has a few good deals and a few obscene ripoffs); most of the legitimate complaints are that lines are too long due to under-staffing. If I could afford it, I would be absolutely positively thrilled to have this house (I bought a foreclosure, about half this size and less than half this price).

  • Super cute. But I wonder if the fact of having no central AC makes it overpriced? I don’t know that neighborhood.

  • Formerly Broken Jaw

    I want!

  • It will probably go for at least list (in spite of what looks like a very small/underwhelming kitchen for a house this size), but I wouldn’t buy it. I’m probably in the minority, but I just don’t really understand the appeal of this neighborhood. The whole reason that I wanted to live in D.C. was to be in or at least immediately adjacent to an urban environment. Takoma D.C. is as far from downtown as most places in the MD ‘burbs. When most people make that kind of commuting tradeoff, they at least get good schools in return.
    I understand that Walter Reed may urbanize the area quite a bit, but that’s still pretty far away. And it’s just one development – in many similarly-priced neighborhoods that are closer to downtown, you can get to several very urban neighborhoods rather than just one.

    • This is one of the few neighborhoods in DC or the surrounding areas where one can find a single-family home with a yard for under $700K. Not to mention that Takoma has a great neighborhood feel – friendly neighbors, mature trees, well maintained lawns. It is about a 15 minute metro ride from Takoma to Metro Center, so many in the neighborhood can commute to work in under 30 minutes. It also is located close to Rock Creek Park, and the Parkway is a lovely (and fast) way to get around town. Similarly priced homes in more ‘urban’ neighborhoods are mostly rowhouses, tight on space, and without metro access and parking. Taxes in Maryland are quite high and houses in the Virginia suburbs tend to be tiny and have too few bathrooms.

      • Try Hillcrest; beautiful single family homes abound for less than $500K, and as far away from more urban areas (Cap Hill, H St) as Takoma DC is from further south (this is completely ignoring downtown Silver Spring, BTW). But then, I’m sure that neighborhood never even occurred to you.

    • We love this neighborhood and would buy there in a heartbeat if we could afford it! It’s pretty and clean and has beautiful housing stock. I don’t get the notion that it’s so far away. It’s still DC! Just with nice homes and yards. Nothing wrong with that. Easy to get anywhere you want to go via car, metro, or bus.

  • Emmaleigh504

    This is fab! I like it just the way it is!

  • Given the salivation happening here, I wouldn’t be surprised if this escalated to 800k or more. The layout is basically perfect and it’s a sort of dream house for a DC family.

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