Good Deal or Not? “1 block from Bloomingdale Restaurants” edition (reader request)

18 T Street Northeast

This unit is located at 18 T Street, Northeast. The listing says:

“Eckington- 1/2 blk f/ Bloomingdal-1 of two, 2 level, 3BR/3Ba units in Contemp Rowhouse-thoughtful design. Bosch appl’s, granite, h/w floors, steam shower, f/p,big closets, exterior deck, parking included- .63 mi to Metro (Red); 1 block from Bloomingdale Restaurants – Rustik, Boundary Stone, Red Hen. Unit #2 at $699,990. Op Hs Sat/Sun 1-4p. All info deemed reliable but not guaranteed.”

You can see more photos here.

This 3 bed/3 bath is going for $599,990 ($236 monthly fee.)

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  • justinbc

    Seems a decent price. I’ve never seen that last disclosure though. And Bosch appliances are nice but they have a terrible habit of malfunctioning quickly.

    • jim_ed

      That’s a very common signature for commercial real estate. Interesting to see it coming across in residential listings.

    • I’m used to seeing it as well. It has just about as much meaning as “AS IS” for DC sales these days.

  • “All info deemed reliable but not guaranteed.” Well, if that’s not a warning sign, I don’t know what is…

  • Hope you’ve got a car! Public transit access around there is not so hot. The G8 is infrequent and the 80 is unreliable.

    • Well, it is also ~10 blocks to the Shaw or NoMa metros. Not ideal, but not unmanageable, either.

    • As someone who lives in the neighborhood, I want to say my experience belies both of these claims.

      • (Both as in regards to the buses, not distance to metro.)

      • It’s possible we have different experiences with the 80, but my claim about the G8 just requires a look at the timetable. It runs once every 8-12 minutes at the height of rush hour, but only once every 20-30 minutes on weekdays outside rush hour, and no more than once every 30 minutes on weekends. Which means that it’s frequent, as long as you’re never traveling anywhere outside of rush hour.

        • Just use the “Nextbus” app/website for bus estimates – this way you don’t have to wait more than a few minutes outside. Checking your phone before you’re ready to head out doesn’t take all that much time.

    • Maybe I’m a touch defensive because I live in the area, but the best thing about the neighborhood is that it’s close to EVERYTHING. So, sure – it’s about 10 minutes to the nearest metro (Shaw) but you’re close to the 90 lines on Florida which are great. And, more importantly, you can ride your bike or walk to a surprising number of areas. I can pretty easily walk to either Union Market OR U-Street, areas that I think some people would consider to be on “opposite ends of the city”. Bloomingdale/Eckington is really surprisingly central, especially if you have a bike.

    • I live a few blocks away. If you have a bike, you’re fine. Also, this is two blocks from a Bikeshare station.

  • The bus routes are actually very convenient here, and both the G8 and 80 are quite reliable. Get a bike and you can be in Logan Circle in 10 minutes.

    • P6 too, to Metro Center area. Buses are actually great around here, which is good for me because I prefer the bus to the metro.

      • P6, and the 90s buses as well (with 24/7 schedule for the 90s). Not sure what’s up with the commenter’s comments above. Short walk to NJA gets you on a bus to Cleveland Park / Glover Park as well.

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