From the Forum – TGI Fridays Delay and Auto Detailing

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TGI Fridays:

“I know how much everyone loves chain restaurants but does anyone have any information on when the TGI Friday will open up. I can’t wait to see how that battle goes down with Ruby Tuesdays. I remember the residents above the location didn’t want them there. Wondering if that was the hold up or just the usually time it takes with how lengthy the permit process takes in DC.”

Auto Detailing:

“Anyone know of a good reputable mobile auto detailer? I live in Mt P and looking for someone to come to house to clean inside and outside of car. Hopefully under $200. Groupon and Living Social seem to have several deals but they all have poor service records or have other negative reviews. Thanks!”

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  • Heck, for $200 I’LL clean your car.

  • I have used Detailz on Wisconsin in Georgetown. You need to go to them and it was a bit expensive but they did a fantastic job with my 7yr old car

  • TGIF Fridays is currently on a “Hold Pattern”, the company was sold in late May 2014. I spoke to the agent handling the lease on the space and he told me that information. He also said that the space is still available.

  • PLEASE let it become something other than a suburban chain!!!!!!

  • GiantSquid

    Check out A Detail to Remember. Cost depends on size of your car, but I have a mid-sized sedan and deluxe detail was less than $200 even with tip. They come to you.

  • Detailing and cleaning are two very different things.

  • Actually, they started in NYC. The most surprising thing is that they’re still in business. their heyday was about 30 years ago.

  • I was told that Golden Corral was interested in that space. They’re looking to bring their smaller unit concept into the District. That would be an awesome addition to the area. The elderly residents above the space that protested Fridays would love a good buffet.

  • I saw a new sign in the DCUSA parking garage (under Target) for auto detailing. I get the impression they do it right there in the garage. Although, I don’t know anything about it.

  • Where is the Friday’s going?

  • Please please, somebody else look at the space. Would be great even for a brewery of some sort to move in!

  • On chain restaurants: People need to put their money where their mouth is. ThaiTaanic II was a perfectly nice restaurant, friendly service, consistently good (occasionally great) food. And it is now closed, because it couldn’t break even.
    If residents want fewer chains, they need to patronize more local establishments. Period. Tempted to stop by Chipotle on your way home from metro? Don’t. Get a burrito at Taqueria DF instead. (Their burritos are delicious.) Want some nostalgic Panda Express? There are a half dozen family-owned restaurants of some asian description, and they all offer take-out.
    Panda Express is still open, and ThaiTanic isn’t. That tells me something about what people *really* want.

  • Agree with your general premise, but disagree with your example. Thai Tanic II did not have great food. Their 14th St restaurant is great, but the II version had much smaller portions of more mediocre food. That is why they went out. Note that Taqueria DF is still there… probably because it’s delicious.

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