From the Forum – Moped Insurance, also keep your eyes peeled for a dumped vespa and Motorcycle Parking

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Moped Insurance:

“I recently bought a moped to hope around town after selling my car at the beginning of the summer. I’m looking for insurance and haven’t been successful. My car insurance doesn’t write motorcycle insurance in DC and the other companies I called don’t insure mopeds. Does anyone have suggestions on insurance companies to call and an average price I can expect to pay?”


Side note:

“I parked my Vespa on 13th for 2.5 hrs, before it was even dark, and it was still stolen. This is the 2ND Vespa I’ve had stolen this summer! The police seem to think there’s a group of kids around Florida & 11th that are causing trouble, and they’ve been finding abandoned scooters and motorcycles all around there. They joy ride until they run out of gas, then dump it. I’m trying to stay optimistic that my scoots is still out there and ANY help would be appreciated.”

Garages with motorcycle parking rates near 14th & H NW / metro center?

“I’m looking to commute to work by motorcycle a few days a week. I’ve asked about daily, occasional and monthly spots in a couple garages, but so far everyone wants me to pay as much to park a (small) motorcycle as a car.”

Anyone have any leads on MC friendly garages in the area?

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  • I’d recommend Nationwide. I insure 2 motorcycles in DC through them.

  • Geico. I paid ~$16/month for the first year. Premiums are now down to ~$8/month. 125cc scooter.

  • I use GEICO for my scooter – it falls under motorcycle insurance. I pay about $120/year and get a ton of coverage.

  • I’ll echo the Geico vote. Quite reasonable.

  • I have Geico insurance for my moped (Tomos). It comes to around 18$ a month for the minimum. A lot of other companies only insure scooters and motorcycles. Geico was the only one I could find that insured mopeds.

  • I’m paying about $30/month for my 150cc scooter insurance through Geico. I add on additional injury coverage, since I’m paranoid like that (I’ve had two laydowns with my scooter over the years, fortunately no serious injury)

  • I have GEICO for my motorcycle. Progress (my auto insurer) does not cover motorbikes in DC regardless of what the pale, emo-esque Flo has told you.

  • On a tangentially related question: can mopeds/scooters be parked on city sidewalks. Someone has started permanently parking their Vespa on the sidewalk in front of my (entirely residential) building. There’s a handicap individual in my building and I hope this doesn’t impede his ability to use the sidewalk.

  • In response to the stolen scooter, Is there a way to demobilize one when they are parked? A sort of kill switch or removing the spark plug or some wheel locking mechanism?

    • wel yeah you put a bike lock through the spokes of the wheel. Seems pretty obvious to me.

    • I’m pretty certain Vespas immobilize when they get fiddled with. But I’m at the top of 13th next to the high school, and they could easily roll pretty far on it!

  • Per scooter law of 2013:
    •Scooters are now called “motor-driven cycles” as long as they go under 30 miles per hour.
    •They can park on sidewalks, outside the Central Business District, if they’re not blocking anything.
    •If it goes over 30 miles per hour, it’s considered a motorcycle.
    •Motor-driven cycles or motorcycles must be registered, insured and inspected in the District. But only motorcycles require a “motorcycle endorsement” on their license.
    •Both also require a helmet.

    • Maybe on the greater list of offenses for MPD to enforce it’s pretty low, but it would seem that the scooters/mopeds that I continue to see without plates would be pretty easy pickin’s for enforcement.

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