From the Forum – Man w/ Machete on New York Ave?

Man w/ Machete on New York Ave:

“Shortly after 10pm last night [Sunday, Sept. 21st] on the 400 Block of New York Ave NW in front of Yale West Apartments are man was running up the sidewalk with a machete. I thought surely someone would call the cops or I would see a report online somewhere. So far, nothing. Anyone else see or hear about this? I hope everyone was safe.”

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  • “I thought surely someone would call the cops”

    And that someone should have been you.

    • Did someone take the bush he may have trimmed to the hospital?

      Bloody Machete = Call the cops.

      Not Bloody Machete = May just be a gardener that is late for a meeting.

  • If you take umbrage to being hacked to death by machete-weilding madmen then you might as well go ahead and MOVE TO CLARENDON. You’re not cut out for D.C. (Get it? “Cut”? ROFL).

  • Well, I bet no girl body slammed him out of the way…

    Serious question: Is a machete illegal to carry in DC?

    • Good question, and wager “yes” is the answer here.

    • Yes, you’re not even allowed to carry a folding knife if the blade is over a certain size (3″? 4″?). Either way, a machete is not anywhere close to the legal range.

    • Years ago in Seattle, there was a local character, a big burly weightlifter guy, who called himself Conan and would ride a mountain bike around town with a broadsword strapped to his back. Yes, a real broadsword. The cops stopped him at first and then determined that because the blade wasn’t concealed, it was legal.
      I know this doesn’t answer your question about DC, but I’m old, and that’s what old people do–we digress with stories from our past that have limited relevance to the matter at hand.

  • Why didn’t you call the police?

  • Wait, so it’s illegal to carry a machete? What if you need to tear down some brush in your backyard?

    • Hedge clippers? I’m not a gardener, but I thought machetes were for quickly hacking away branches and vines in order to clear vegetation. More for bushwhacking and camping than gardening. But then again, I am neither a bushwhacker or gardener.

    • IANAL, but I’ve been told by police officers that it’s all about context. If you have a baseball bat in your hand and you’re wearing a uniform and carrying an bag full of baseballs, it’s sporting equipment. If you’re loitering at 2AM with one, it’s a weapon.

  • The MPD have a policy of not pursuing machete-wielders. After all, they’re not as dangerous as dirt bikes going at full speed the wrong way down a busy road.

  • I was moving recently and had to carry some last minute things out of my house, down the block, and to my car. Realized afterward that one of them was a big 8″ chef’s knife, just casually carried down the block in my hand. Glad I didn’t have the cops called on me, but hopefully someone did see, think about it, and then ultimately decide that I wasn’t much of a threat (except to the dishes I try to cook).

  • I’ve seen a machete man too…he cuts his grass on Monroe St up in Col. Heights. Maybe this was the same man doing a friend a favor.

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