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getting a handrail installed

“I need to get a handrail installed for the stairs going to my basement. The City just did an inspection for my Columbia Hts/Parkview home which is now a rental. Had a handrail on one side, but I need to get it on the other as well. Any references would be appreciated.”


“I just moved into a new apartment and apparently our building’s trash contract does not include recycling. We do not have a vehicle – what is the best way to recycle?”

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  • diploj

    If your apartment building has four or more units, then the landlord/management company is breaking the law by not providing recycling (we had this problem with a neighbor and reported him. He now has recycling for his tenants). See here:

    • Believe it or not: “The District of Columbia requires recycling in all commercial establishments. These include office buildings, churches, retailers, warehouses, apartment buildings (with four or more units), cooperatives, condominiums, government buildings, bars and restaurants, non-profit organizations, schools, and universities.”

      I was shocked to see this is the law and even more shocked when my condo building got fined for finding recyclable materials in the trash.

      • ah

        +1. This has been the law for some time – and it’s really not acceptable in this day and age for a building not to have recycling.

  • Re: handrail installation, I had a similar issue recently and used the guys at Federal City Iron, who I highly recommend. Tom is great!

  • Double check on that second handrail – (actually double check anything DCHA tells you about anything) I had to install one, but only on one side. I used Northeast Iron – who I’ve used several times for a variety of jobs.

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