From the Forum – Dunbar High School Track Open to Public?

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Dunbar High School Track Open to Public?

“Construction at Dunbar High School’s track looks like its complete. Anyone know if it will be open to the public at all?

I know Cardozo’s is open in the mornings, and I was hoping Dunbar would be the same, but so far everything is still locked up.”

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  • It was not open on Weds night when we ran by. Dunbar football team was out there practicing though.

  • I really hope they find a way to make this available to the public when school is not in session (I completely understand keeping it off limits during school hours and when teams are actually using it). But it would be awesome for early morning/late evening or weekend track workouts. They’ve managed to allow some weekend community time for the pool, so there’s hope.

  • My guess is that it will generally be unavailable to the public, unlike some other high school tracks. The problem is that there are a lot of homeless people in the neighborhood who would immediately take up residence there and turn it into a hellhole. Howard U. track and Banneker are good nearby nearby options.

  • In my experience dealing with field use – it’s up to each school’s Athletic Director. There is no blanket policy for public use.

    Spingarn has an awesome track and turf field – but the AD will not allow public access. Wilson does.

    Im annoyed because my tax dollars pay for these schools, ADs, fields, etc – and I think they should be open to the public. I’ve never lived in or visited another town/city that did not permit community access to a public school.

    • To be fair, Spingarn likely deals with quite a few problems that don’t plague Wilson in terms of after-hours use/abuse.

    • I could not agree more. It’s very frustrating when you are bled dry for taxes, do not have children in the school system, and can’t even use the public school track for a workout. The problem with the Dunbar neighborhood is that with various social services neaby, and lying as it does on the edge of Downtown, there are a fair number of homeless who will certainly make the facility their campground if they can. So while it’s unfortunate, I will be really surprised if there’s general access to the new facility outside of school use.

      • At the same time, there’s that public park directly across the field on NJA where folks like to hang out – not sure that they would need to expand to the gated school field?

  • Having just walked by, it seems that there’s still ample work left on reconnecting O street, so maybe they’re not completely done with the track yet either? (I saw the team practicing on the field waaaay before the area surrounding the field was complete, so I guess they’re someone exempt from filing liability lawsuits?)

  • the athletic facilities (particularly the pool) are a very active subject of conversation on the shaw area listserv. many neighborhood residents have been petitioning the local ANC to get expanded hours, and they put it on one of the upcoming meeting agendas to discuss. if you’re interested in using the track, try getting in touch with your ANC rep, they seemed pretty receptive to expanding community pool hours…

    • i meant the dunbar school athletic facilities in particular.

    • Unfortunately the Bates Area/Hanover ANC Rep is useless. Hopefully we can rely on our neighboring ANC Reps to help move the issue.

    • clevelanddave

      I understand the pool is open Sat afternoon and Sundays. What are the proposed expanded hours? It would be great to have access weekday evening and expanded hours Saturday…

  • The old Dunbar track was open to the public albeit on an irregular schedule. For what its worth, the homeless weren’t an issue for the track then. There are also open park space/ball fields immediately to the south and to the west of the track that are do not have homeless in residence.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    @dcpublicschools tweets will open to the public:

    “most likely after football season, so late 2014 or early 2015.”

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