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car insurance recommendations:

“I need to insure my car after having been terminated due to an accident. Any suggestions for DC auto insurance companies?”

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  • anonymouse_dianne

    State Farm. I totaled 2 cars in 3 years – neither my fault – and they kept my premium as “accident free”.

  • I’m curious as well. I was just going to switch over my existing insurance (Progressive), but I guess it’s worth shopping around. I’m afraid of what’s sure to be sticker shock..

  • I use AMICA for both my home and auto insurance. They were so helpful when I had to replace my floors because of a water leak. They don’t advertise because their brand sells itself really — they are consistently rated #1 (or really high) for customer service and claims processing. Anyway, I really like them.

  • GEICO saved me more than 15% … way more.

  • If you have any possible way to get USAA, do it!

  • I use State Farm for both homeowner’s and car insurance, and I’ve been happy with them. They were great when we went through our stolen car debacle, and didn’t raise our premiums. I think their prices are pretty good. I pay about $80 a month for full coverage on a six year old VW, and about $650 a year for homeowner’s on a rowhouse.

  • GEICO home and auto (w/discount), $275 + 480 = $755/6 mo, respectively. Auto with full coverage, including tow and rental car at 300k limits with $500 deductible. Home has $250k limit and $150k in contents coverage with $500 deductible. Wife and I had minor at-fault fender-benders each, and a water damage claim, all in the last 5 years, no increases in premium.

  • State Farm is great. Contact Matt Smith at or (703) 237-3477. He’s a total pro with great rates.

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