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  • I cant see on my phone… Is it all Chinese dishes and one hamburger? If so – Ha!

    • Not sure why this is funny. General Tso, Moo Shu Pork, Chicken Wings, et. al. are decades old take out classics that many of us consider as American and not Chinese.

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      • “Decades old American takeout” but….. thousand year old Chinese dishes

        This is doubly hilarious that you don’t understand why the food pic row is funny. Maybe you can get a humor tutorial… We’ll start you out with knock-knock jokes 😉

      • One time I ate a 1000 year old egg. True story.

    • For what it’s worth… I can’t read the names under any of the dishes, even on a regular computer screen.

  • My good ‘ol neighbor.

  • A little culinary history for y’all …Chinese food take-out, as Americans know it, was invented in sanfransico .. But yeah, it is funny… Sign shoulda said “Chinese food n cheeseburgers”

  • My neighbor as well. Some of the most disgusting food I have ever smelled or had. The establishment is also one of the filthiest.
    I continue to be shocked that the health department, really not surprised since it is DC’s health department, has not shut them down due to the number of rats that reside on the premises.

  • They do subs and wings and cheese sticks too. I used to refer to this place as an old roommate’s kitchen because she can’t cook unless it involved take-out.

  • I own a condo a few doors down and one should enter with caution. I’ve called rat abatement a few times for that corner….and once, the power was out there for about 3 days and when power was restored, they threw nothing away. It was super gross.

    I have to wonder how long that corner will last once those two new developments are finished.

    And yes, they definitely sell chicken wings as evidence by the customers who leave piles of them at the bus stop.

    • justinbc

      I wonder what it is about chicken wings in particular that make them so difficult for people to properly discard.

      • Hmm… I guess most other takeout dishes don’t have bones? Sort of like how if apples were a popular item at takeout places, maybe we’d be seeing apple cores all over the place.

        • justinbc

          Yes but they still come in containers right? And those containers (presumably) make it into the trash cans? Are these people who are so disrespectful that they throw refuse all around also just so offended by the idea of an empty wing bone being in their container next to the ones with meat? (I already know the answer, it’s just really discouraging.)

          • It’s weird — although I read a lot about littered chicken bones, and although my street has a discouraging amount of litter (snack packaging, bottles, cans, receipts, weaves, you name it), I have almost never seen chicken bones on my street. Or dog poop.
            I wonder if maybe there are some especially vigilant dog-owners/dog-walkers on my street who are routinely picking up chicken bones so that their dogs can’t mess with them, and/or picking up dog poop left behind by irresponsible owners/walkers.

          • I clean up bones when I see them – we moved a few blocks away and it’s not as big of a problem, but when we were on the block with this dump, it was so horrible – my dog was obsessed. I’m guessing the rats were, too.


          • there’s a mentality among many that it is okay to discard organic material anywhere.
            on top of that birds and rats pick up and move chicken bones around too.

  • Used to live across the street. Most of the menu used to be scrawled on posterboard. I know a lot of folks were hoping for a bigger change than just the sign once they got a new paint job.

  • I really wish this place would just die.

  • China Dragon!!!

  • typical Chinese/American carry out, just a new sign and they got rid of the bullet proof glass window.
    American foods include burgers/subs/chicken wings/fried seafood boxes. I wonder if they still sell blunts and cigarettes…

  • im so surprised this place is still there. is the dollar store next door still there too? that area has changed from hood to yuppieville so I wonder how those places can still exist, maybe their leases haven’t run out yet.

    • The building with the dollar store is part of the bigger development going on. They cleared out a ton of junk over the weekend – wallboard, old stoves, car parts (?!?) from that red brick building with the yellow garage door security gate.

  • This sort of place seems to be a staple in DC. A lot of Chinese places here, in addition to Chinese takeout, have hamburgers, pizzas, subs, fried chicken, and more disturbingly, sushi.

  • There used to be a Chinese takeout place (might still be there) at 11th and Lamont that had a sign saying “we do not sell single cigarettes.” I thought single cigs seemed like a ludicrous customer request… Until I saw that they would sell you a single chicken nugget.

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