Friday Question of the Day – Predicting the Weather this Winter


By now you’ve probably seen or heard of the ridiculous Empire News hoax prediction of a brutal winter. Even before that went viral I started hearing from folks that there is a legend saying acorns falling this early means a brutal winter is coming. I’d never heard that one before but a few other folks I spoke to said they’d heard of it. Anyone else ever hear that one before? So just for fun – what do you think this winter holds in store for us? Are you rooting for mild or snowy? Hard to believe it’s been 5 years since Snowmageddon.

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  • Has no one polled the wooly bear caterpillars yet? I thought they were the definitive predictors of winter weather.

  • I grew up wayyyyyyyyyyyyy out in the sticks so the old folks always had the weather predictions. Acorns falling early meant the animals would be able to fatten up more for winter and store more away for food (hard to find nuts on the ground covered in snow). They also used to say if you split one open you will see the design of a Fork or a Spoon in the middle of it, fork meant hard winter I think. As DCNative mentioned the wooly caterpillars are also supposedly another one if they are fatter or furrier than usual.

    All signs point to another snowmageddon again this year………….. just saying…………

  • I’m already shopping for my parka and snow boots. As a walking commuter, I am not looking forward to this. 🙁

  • I’m a pedestrian commuter and I love a cold winter. The summer humidity is what gets to me. Bring on the snow!

  • I really need to get some new snowboots…or just any sort of waterproof boot with good traction. Mine started leaking towards the end of last year.
    That said, I took the window a/c unit out of my living room last night, so we’re practically guaranteed a heat wave

  • Everyone get out to RCP this weekend, and report back on the woolly bear situation!

    (Wider brown saddle means milder winter. Wider black ends means harsher winter.)

  • No idea, but while I wouldn’t mind the snow, I don’t want temps to be so cold so long this winter (heating bill).

    I can’t believe it’s been 5 years since snowmageddon…my first time xc skiing, and got to do it in RCP.

  • The Farmer’s Almanac predicted a cold and snowy winter for us too. I’m extremely happy to hear this news. I LOVE winter and can’t wait to bundle up and take long walks in the cold. LIke another commenter said, it’s invigorating!

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