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  • Such a good idea. Now everyone in the city will come here on their birthday and the place will fill up with their friends who still have to pay.

  • palisades

    The irony in your statement is palpable

    • Haha, true enough. But I guess the gamble is that a few birthday folks will bring more than a few friends with them, rather than all the loner birthday folks going there by themselves. The former seems the more likely outcome.

  • “Any drink $5 or less”? What can you actually get these days for $5 or less?

  • It is not “free” if you MUST tip the bartender every time.

    I’m all for tipping servers, it just rubs me the wrong way when I’m told that I’m required to do it

    • If have you ever been a server or bartender you would appreciate that little editorial note. Some folks are just stingy.

    • Don’t go there and tip on free drinks then

    • Hey Mr. Pink, your birthday drinks are $5 each but you don’t have to tip. Happy now?

    • Completely agree! It used to be that tipping rewarded great (or even good, acceptable service). Now its a mandated transaction cost even when there is terrible service. But it’s totally our fault for accepting this. Bars / Restaurants could pay better or hire more staff (which is often behind terrible service) but they’ve shifted their labor costs to us AND stiffed us with crappy service. Note: I typically tip 20% or even 25%, but with terrible service I go to 10% because not tipping at all apparently equates me with war criminals.

    • I usually tip the bartender a dollar every time I get a drink from them. If you’re going to drink for free, I don’t think it’s much to complain about giving the person a dollar.

      • I don’t disagree with any of these replies. I’ve had jobs that were dependent on tips and I’m well aware of how cheap some people can be.

        So if the bartender completely ignores you waiting at the bar to order your drink and you have to wait 10 minutes to get served you’re still required to tip them? What incentive do they have to give you good service? Let’s stop calling it a tip and call it a tax if you are required to pay it.

        I’ll give the bar credit for coming up with a creative way of getting groups celebrating a birthday to come in and spend their money there. I’m sure the extra money they make off birthday groups coming in will make up for the few bucks they lose by giving away a couple of their cheapest beers.

        And whoever made the Mr. Pink joke, nicely done!

        • You know if you give the bartender a good tip on your first drink the odds of you having to wait 10 minutes for service is pretty low.

        • That sort of service is incredibly rare at most neighborhood bars, and if it’s common no doubt the bar will go out of business.

    • i’m feel bad for you.

      • And I’m feel bad for you

        • my ailment can be cured.

          • You clearly don’t understand what the word free means, that sounds like a pretty serious ailment

          • imus,
            when something on the menu says the cost is $5. i know it to cost $5. but i also know that there are tips and taxes on top of this. like a 5 dollar footlong at subway. Free, in the case of Lymans, means the cost of the drink is zero. the cost of the service is what you choose to tip. no body is trying to fool or deceive you.
            you’re just being a dick, and it’s sad you don’t understand this. it’s very difficult to not be a dick once you start thinking like one. good luck buddy.

  • This is a really fun spot… great addition to the neighborhood

  • They don’t drive to work. They walk

  • Next, we’ll see the usual “Trivia Night” event posted, and then we’ll know the cycle of bar desperation is complete.

    Perhaps they can pull Leaky Faucet/McNasty’s/Whatever-it-is-this-month and cater to kickball leagues, that would seal their fate.

  • Nah. I live a block from both, so am well-placed to address this. I think they’ve got different vibes, and I know they’ve got different beers (the Derby’s selection far outpaces Lyman’s, but sometimes you want a draft beer). Pinball or roof deck? Sometimes I’m in the mood for one, sometimes the other. Many neighborhoods support more than one bar, even if they are right next to each other.

  • You’re making my point, carenwac. The neighborhood can, and so far does, support both places.

  • Read the city paper blurb about this special to understand


  • What do you get if your name happens to be Lyman?

  • this gets posted on Sept. 10

    my birthday is Sept. 9


  • When we have cash we go to the Derby, when we’re living on credit, we go to Lyman’s. It’s pretty much as simple as that.

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