Dear PoPville – “Related Robberies occurring along 14th Street in Columbia Heights”

3400 block of 14th Street, NW

“Dear PoPville,

Four robberies in the Columbia Heights area may be linked.

Fran’s Hair Salon (14th and Ogden Street) was robbed at gunpoint in late July by two African-American males @5pm on a Thursday.
A tailor in the same area was bound, beaten and robbed in his place of business.
Miss Hair Braiding Salon (14th and Meridian Place, across the street) was robbed at gunpoint by an African-American female Thursday August 21 at @5pm.
A general store next to Bacon Funeral home (also on 14th Street near Meridian) was robbed by two African-American males on @5pm Saturday August 23. A woman who worked in the store was attacked and injured and taken away by ambulance. Store owners believe all robberies are related and involve all the same group of people.

While police have become involved, no arrests have been made or any leads established. Store owners in the area believe the robberies will continue until this group is caught.

The common denominator for all the locations is that they occurred during or near the weekend, @5pm, within a city block of each other, and involved stores that would have cash on hand at the end of the day.

Leads on the identity of this group are being sought, and someone may have important information regarding these robberies. Also, the general public needs to be alerted for the sake of safety (particularly with autumn and winter coming).”

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  • Looks like someone needs some partay money for the weekend…..recommend a police sting based on facts/info provided.

    • The fact that this “Dear PoPville” is coming from an unnamed member of the community rather than from MPD suggests to me that somebody thinks MPD isn’t doing all that it could/should in the matter.

  • Totally agree.

  • topscallop

    This is terrible, but why does the fact that autumn and winter are coming have special importance?

    • I was wondering the same thing.
      My guess is that the OP was thinking that if people are brazen enough to do this in broad daylight (5 pm in the summer), it doesn’t bode well for what they might be willing to do in autumn/winter when it gets dark early.

  • It gets dark at 5:00 pm in autumn/ fall

  • Saw a guy successfully chase down his stolen bike Monday evening a block south of here. The thief didn’t react violently when caught, but there were probably no consequences for him.

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