Dear PoPville – Anyone Know Who Runs a Yoga Class in Crispus Attucks Park?

Yoga in a park, not Crispus Attucks Park

“Dear PoPville,

While walking in Bloomingdale yesterday (Wednesday) evening around 7pm, I detoured through Crispus Attucks Park [located via the alley between 1st Street and North Captiol and V St and U St, NW]and saw a yoga class in progress. Does anyone know who hosts this yoga class so I can join?”

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  • I live on the park and some friends and I had a yoga potluck in the park on Monday at 7pm. I don’t know who that was on Wednesday night.

  • To those of you who do this, do you actually feel comfortable? I walk through DuPont on my way home from work and see large groups doing yoga on nice days. I can see how that would be nice, to do yoga outside, but steps away from leering strangers (and not to mention rush hour traffic)?

    Admittedly, I’m a guy who does not regularly do yoga. But, I can’t even count how many creepsters I see parked on benches taking in the view of dozens of women doing yoga. Yuck

  • It’s in a public park, so unless they’ve reserved the park, anyone can ‘join’. Just show up and participate.

  • This is one of those Dear Popvilles that I don’t get. I wonder if the OP has considered lingering around on a Wednesday, 7-ish, and asking one of the participants and/or the apparent teacher — if there is one, if this is, indeed, a class, and if they would be welcome as a participant if it’s an on-going meeting. In my — limited — experience, yoga folks tend to be a welcoming bunch, and would likely respond politely, and even enthusiastically to such requests. Hope it works out! Namaste!

    • It’s a side effect of Generation Txt Msg. People would rather anonymously inquire online instead of talking with a stranger in public. It’s a weird phobia.

  • Maybe call Yoga District’s Bloomingdale location and ask if it’s them? I know they do yoga outreach programs, and given the location, they seem like the likeliest suspects.

  • I have to know. PLEASE TELL US. I live two blocks from here and outdoor yoga in crispus attucks is a dream.

  • goaldigger

    Didn’t see this session listed, but this is a great resource for area fitness classes (some are free).

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