DC Circulator Transit Development Plan Open for Public Comment – Check Out the Planned Extensions and New Routes

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From a press release:

“The District Department of Transportation (DDOT) today released the 2014 DC Circulator Transit Development Plan Update (TDP) for public review and comment. In 2011, DDOT completed a comprehensive TDP to guide the growth of the Circulator System over the next 10 years. The 2014 update of the TDP was developed using feedback from the public at the DC Circulator Semi-Annual Open House, six pop-up meetings, and online surveys held earlier this year. Residents have until November 7, 2014, to weigh in on the plan.

“This is the first time a Circulator TDP has been released for public comment,” said DDOT’s Acting Director Matthew T. Brown. “We want to hear from several communities on the draft plan, and how they want to see the system develop in the future.”

Based on the analysis of land use and screening of corridors based on planning criteria measures, the Draft 2014 TDP identifies six new routes and four route extensions for the 10-year growth plan, implemented in the following three phases:

Phase I (FY 2015 – 2017)

  • New Route: National Mall
  • New Route: National Cathedral – McPherson Square Metro
  • Extension: Georgetown – Union Station Extension to National Cathedral
  • Extension: Union Station – Navy Yard Extension to Southwest Waterfront
  • Extension: Dupont – Georgetown – Rosslyn Extension to U Street/Howard University
  • Extension: Potomac Avenue Metro – Skyland Extension to Congress Heights

Phase II (FY 2018 – 2020)

  • New Route: Convention Center – Southwest Waterfront Service
  • New Route: Serving NoMa (corridor pending further study)
  • No extensions identified for this phase

Phase III (FY 2021 – 2024)

  • New Route: Dupont – Southwest Waterfront
  • New Route: Columbia Heights – Washington Hospital Center – Brookland – NoMa
  • No extensions identified for this phase

Please see the following link to review the plan, and to provide comments in the feedback form. “

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  • The Dupont-to-U-St extension is a game changer. That is currently an awkward gap in bus service.

  • Agree with the necessity of a Dupont-U St extension. Very much needed. It should go all the way to the end of U St rather than stopping at 8th St, though.

    • The 42 bus should be split, the downtown portion should stop at DuPont and return. The 42 that runs north from DuPont should then be extended to Petworth. 42S and 42N.

  • Why would it take 10 years to plan a Dupont-SW Waterfront bus line?

    • Seriously. Why does it take longer to institute bus lines in America than it does to build whole Metro lines in other countries? It’s so maddening.

    • I’m not sure it’s about planning time so much as not really having a need yet. Assume that changes with the Wharf project and stuff.

  • Neat! It’s like NE doesn’t even exist! (not for the next decade, anyway).
    Thanks, DDOT!

    • Given the philosophy behind the Circulators (serving more population dense areas and activity centers), in fact most of NE does not exist.

  • Why are they so fixated on duplicating Green Line service to SW Waterfront? They already had that route from the convention center and it failed.

    The point of Circulator is short routes with infrequent stops to fill gaps in service, lest anyone forgot.

    • Assuming you mean the Union Station – Navy Yard Extension to Southwest Waterfront, ddot doesn’t want to do it. It was mandated by the council. Ddot says it’s going to be a huge money loser for them. They expect the subsidy to be $11.80 per passenger.

      • Nope, I meant the Phase II Convention Center to SW Waterfront line, whixh is the Green Line thr entire way. Extending the Uniin Station line to Waterfront Metro doesn’t bother me as much since it’s only one stop and doesn’t make aense to make people get off and take Metro for one stop if you don’t have to.

        Also, the proposed Dupont to SW Waterfront doesn’t make sense. Is it really so hard to use the Metro for that route? Probably faster underground accounting for lights and traffic over that sizeable distance, even with the transfer.

  • PDleftMtP

    I think they’re a bit in danger of losing one of the Circulator benefits, which is clear, simple routes for people who are put off by figuring out bus schedules (which I’ll admit is me when I’m a tourist – I’m much more likely to take the Metro in Paris or the subway in NYC than to try to figure out bus lines). I use bus lines here (I’ve lived in Mt Pleasant since well before the Green Line, so that’s how I got around), but the more complex the route map gets, the more you lose the busphobic riders. That doesn’t mean there shouldn’t be buses going to those places, but maybe you just leave them Metro buses instead of branding them as the super-simple bus for anyone.

    • They’re also in danger of losing the scheduleless schedule – “every 10 minutes!” The longer they stretch out the routes, especially in traffic-prone areas (i.e. the definition of where Circulators run), the harder it is to maintain consistent headways.

  • Please please please we need an uptown circulator to connect Grant/Sherman circle area with Cleveland park, Adams Morgan, Mt Pleasant, and Columbia heights! The H4 just doesn’t serve our needs up here!

  • Will the Connector travel all the way to Google Maps? Isn’t it a little odd the Connectors aren’t on that?

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