Day of Learning at Gallaudet University this Saturday

From an email:

“One day. Dozens of lessons, workshops, and classes taught by your neighbors — Washington D.C. residents. The Day of Learning is an opportunity for the city’s community to learn from and teach each other. From an introduction to hand-dancing, to getting the low-down on mixing the city’s signature cocktail (the Gin Rickey), to exploring D.C.’s neighborhoods, the Day of Learning celebrates D.C.’s vibrant culture, history, and people. The Day of Learning is a lively and community-driven event that unites the District through sharing who we are and what we know. Tickets and info at”

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  • I’m really surprised Day of Learning didn’t add any closed captioning to this video…y’know, the event being at Gallaudet University and all.


  • Looks like Ian Mackaye will be doing a Q&A on Sept 6. That alone might make it worth attending.

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