Construction Starts at Lowe’s first DC store coming near Costco

South Dakota Ave NE & 33rd St NE

Thanks to a reader for sending:

“It looks like they are breaking ground for the Lowe’s at The Shops at Dakota Crossing. They’ve actually made quite a bit of headway, as the ground has been completely leveled, and it was a bit bumpy and bushy a month ago. You can see the Costco in the background. There were lots of trucks and large crane type machines around, as well as about 20 hardhats on a lunch break. This will be the first Lowe’s in DC and the second big box home improvements store.”

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  • Too bad it isn’t near a Metro. OTOH, no more trips to “Alexandria” (actually Hybla Valley) and the competition may help the much maligned Home Depot get its act together more.

    • brookland_rez


    • brookland_rez

      You know there is a Lowes in New Carrolton?

      • I think the Lowes in New Carrolton is more inaccessible than the Route 1 Lowes for a big chunk of DC, but in either case you can burn 1-2 hours in traffic just going to and from either one. Having this location will be a big benefit. There are a few things that Lowes does a LOT better than HD, but for basic hardware stuff it’s a wash. HD is still more convenient, but I may take the extra 10 minutes to visit this new Lowes just as a big f&*% you to that establishment.

        • brookland_rez

          I just hate northern VA traffic. It’s so unpredictable. From Brookland, the New Carrolton Lowes is pretty easy for me. I just jump on Rt 50, that takes me practically there. Unless I’m going at rush hour, I can get there in 15 minutes.

    • justinbc

      One can only hope. Even if it’s terrible I will go there instead of HD, I just can’t give that place anymore business.

      • brookland_rez

        And it’s actually better than it was when I moved to DC 10 years ago. Back then, you would ask someone where something was and they would just tell you they didn’t know and to ask someone else.
        I only use it because it’s so damn convenient. But I do my research online before I go, so I go in knowing exactly what I need. Having a Lowes will be nice.

  • Haha – FU Home Depot.

  • Finally. It seems like they’ve spent a year grading that lot.

  • FINALLY. I think I heard the delays were associated with the DC minimum wage act….

    In any event, I can’t wait to have Lowes nearby so I don’t have to trek out to New Carrolton anymore.

  • Hopefully they will be better than Home Depot. I’m tired of going there only to find everything I’m looking for is either damaged, not in stock, or has been opened used heavily and returned with half of it missing.

  • Yay! They have nice ceiling fans.

  • So excited, Rhode Island Ave HD is a nightmare!

    • So worth it for me to drive to the Bethesda HD for most stuff now. They have staff that is actually helpful, and who don’t just say “Sorry I don’t work in this department” whenever you ask a question. The aisles are kept clean and well stocked.

      Well worth the 35min each way.

      • justinbc

        I went down to the one on Route 1 in Alexandria a few weeks ago. Man, what a complete difference. Friendly employees, well stocked and organized aisles, such a polar opposite to the DC location. It’s really a shame.

        • Really? I don’t love the RIA HD (mostly I just think a lot of what all HD’s stock is kind of junky), but the staff, with few exceptions, has always been super friendly and helpful. Maybe it has something to do with having worked retail in the past and having an appreciation for how unpleasant their jobs can be. . .

  • accendo

    Oh good, this will make traffic up there even worse!

  • Can anyone educate me on why the RI Ave HD is getting blasted?

  • Accessing the Costco parking lot is such a mess now. I’m sure there will be more ways in and out once construction ends.

    • Accountering

      I think they will open the other entrance directly onto South Dakota once the Lowes is open. They HAVE to. Currently, the one entrance into/out of Costco is at capacity much of the day. If you look at the earth view of the site, there is a road that goes from Costco, past where Lowes will be, and meets up with Fort Lincoln Drive. They also finish Market Street (it is finished for the most part, just not the ramp) that puts you on the ramp from 50. This lets you take that U Turn shortly thereafter to get right back onto 50. This will get taken care of as part of the Lowes construction and the finishing of this site.

  • The HD on RIA has gotten dramatically better in the past couple of years. HD executive management 10 years ago was focused on cost cutting, and it showed – they have shifted focus to customer service, and it shows.

    • Yeah I’m not so sure. I walked out of there the other day leaving my cart full of stuff without buying anything. I had dropped off a paint order, and when I came back 30 minutes later it was a different person behind the counter with NO idea what I was talking about. No paint, no sign of the swatch I had left and no order. I had spent the previous 30 minutes trying to get help from someone to find something in the lumber department to no avail. I left and went to Sherwin Williams on 3rd St. Absolute night and day- SW has EXCELLENT customer service and a much better product to boot.

    • Nice troll attempt, Home Depot. The fact is this place is still an embarrassment. Garbage everywhere, misplaced items, incompetent staff, long lines.

      • justinbc

        +1, anyone who would say that customer service here is anything higher than “needs improvement” I would question where they’re getting their paychecks from. I’ve had great experiences with one manager there, one cashier, and one stock guy, and that’s it in probably 50+ visits.

        • brookland_rez

          The best thing about the RIA Home Depot is the abundance of labor available in the parking lot. You might think I’m kidding, but I’ve used them for grunt work in the yard, like digging holes for my fence, etc. They work really hard and they seem happy with $10/hour.

    • Disagree. I made an appointment to see one of their kitchen designers a few weeks back. I left work early and schlepped up there on the metro and lo and behold, the kitchen designer was not at work that day. There was no effort to reach out and cancel the appointment, they just didn’t show. Plus, no one else from that department was working that day, so my whole trip was for nothing.

      I tried to post a complaint at the customer service desk. The staff person there called a manager for me, saying they’d be up to talk to me and re-schedule my appointment “in about 5 minutes.” I waited for 45 minutes for that store manager who never bothered to show up. The desk staff tried getting the manager multiple times, but he never showed. 15 minutes into my wait I actually called Home Depot’s national customer service line and spoke to a very apologetic CS agent who tried multiple times to call the manager, even on his cell phone, but to no avail. I got a call 2 days later from the manager trying to apologize, but it was too late–I’d already taken my business elsewhere.

      Unless its just to grab a quick tool or for christmas trees, I’ll be shopping elsewhere from now on!

  • I have always gone to the HD in Hyattsville, nice big parking lot never really crowded. I have always been pleased with that location.

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