“confusing parking signs. Is this art? graffiti? protest?”


@DMarx tweets us (I think from Columbia Heights):

“@PoPville Another person having fun with confusing parking signs. Is this art? graffiti? protest?”

I’m pretty sure this a “legit” warning (not art or protest) from a resident who just got pushed over the edge because people kept parking in the reserved handicap space.

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  • Yup, I agree with PoP. This is a frustrated disabled resident who is annoyed with outsiders parking in their spot.

  • They should just have a 10 year old stand in the space.

  • Contest proposal: find a block in DC that has fewer than ten signs. I wonder who has the city’s metal-sign contract?

  • Is on 11th between Irving and Kenyon?

  • wonder how quickly a tow truck appears if someone does park in this space illegally? I presume that the permit-holder has some number to call, but i wonder if they then have to go park elsewhere for the 6 hours it takes DC to come out and tow the offending car.

    • I think the car has to be ticketed before it can be towed (by separate people/departments), but nonetheless the tow can be fairly quick depending….. Sometimes tows are handled by private contractors (my car was towed by one after being stolen) and they can be pretty quick if they want the cash…. Also not sure who puts the boots on, but after that you are pretty screwed….

      • I think “enforcement tows” (or whatever you would call being towed for being parked illegally) are only handled my MPD. Private tows are for broken down vehicles, I think. Perhaps your tow was less b/c it was parked illegally, but more because you wanted it in location B, but it was currently in location A.

        Nevertheless, anyone who parks in a handicap spot should be able to be immediately towed. No need (IMHO) to wait for a ticket first.

  • It isn’t “their” handicap space. It is “a” handicap space. Just because you put up a bunch of ridiculous signs or plant a 10 year old child in a spot doesn’t make it “yours.”

    • it is “their” handicap space, its a special permit spot (you can see it on the official sign).

    • Right – this isn’t a handicap spot at the Safeway, it’s in front of their house. only a specific handicap placard # is permitted to park there.

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