Computer Tracking Function helps Police Arrest Burglar in Mount Pleasant

Photo by PoPville flickr user pablo.raw

From MPD:

“This morning [Saturday], at approximately 4 am, a resident of the 3200 block of Adams Mill Road was awakened by a strange noise. He got up to investigate, and noticed that a window on the front of his house was open. He quickly realized he had been burglarized and that several items, including his laptop computer, were missing.

He called the police and when they arrived they asked him to utilize the tracking function on the stolen computer to try to determine its current location. He did so, and the current location for the laptop was obtained. Detectives immediately drove to that location and spotted an individual sitting there utilizing a laptop which happened to be of the exact type that had been stolen. The computer as well as other items stolen from the house were recovered and the suspect was arrested and charged with burglary.”

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  • Awesome!
    I just hope the poor guy actually gets his computer back right away, but somehow I see it sitting in an evidence locker for the next year or so….

  • Huzzah! Bravo. Lock him up and throw away the key.

  • thats awesome

    & i swear people have some serious nerve or just have zero care for there personal safety
    dont know many people that will ask questions first if they wake up to an unwanted intruder in their home

    • I have no idea what it is you are trying to say.

      • I was puzzled too and had to read this a few times, but I think That Man A is implying that someone who burglarizes a home when a resident is there is taking a big chance, because the resident might shoot (?) him first and ask questions later.

        • just speaking in general
          i mean gun or not that is rather brazen to go into a home at night while residents are still in it
          i find it wild that people are willing to take the risk

          & just sharing thoughts man… isnt at all that serious (intended for anon below)

    • I’m with Kevin. What’s your point?

  • “Damn kids and their fancy tracking software”!

    Can you imagine what was going through this idiots mind when the police pulled up? “How in the hell did they find me”?

    This happened to my gf last year who had her iphone stolen on the metro. The guy ran out of the metro and ordered a burger at 5 guys, which is where we (me/girlfriend/cop) found him 15 minutes later after we tracked the phone. Should have seen the look in his eyes, priceless.

    It used to be that really only cars could be “lojacked”, and at great expense. Now, everything is trackable.

  • Any recs for small, discreet tracking devices? Like for a laptop? Or a bike?

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