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  • I think it’s ugly.

  • I miss architects.

  • It looks like a suburban McMansion squished to fit into a rowhouse lot.

  • Yeah what everyone else said. This is clearly a suburban townhome builder that got his hands on a plot in the city. And it’s a shame. Haul it back to fairfax and shoot it

  • Clearly built by someone that has no experience in DC. That mixed media belongs in the suburbs.

    • I wouldn’t wish this look on the suburbs, either.

      • it’s very typical in the burbs to have a brick or stone front with siding on the sides and back, it’s one of those options you can elect when you have Marty’s McMansions erect your 6,000 square foot dream home in Manashole, along with other key options like a 4 car garage and a three story atrium above your “great room”.

  • They couldn’t do brick on the side? No doubt this is gonna sell for 800k or more and they had to go with siding? so cheap.

  • Same company’s been working on a 4-unit apt bldg. down D Street NE toward RFK for months now. It’s definitely another ‘meh’ job.

  • Looks great. Love all the windows. Nice of them to add the bricks, since they didn’t need to do any brickwork.

  • Definitely needs to be all brick, that doesn’t make any sense. If these are condos (looks awfully large for a single-family, but you never know these days), the only positive thing about it is that is small and fits in with the character of the neighborhood, unlike many other new buildings.

  • So cheap and ugly. Hope this sits on the market for a long time.

  • In fairness, what was there before wasn’t much to look at. It just had the benefit of being old.

  • I don’t think it’s all that terrible in and of itself (though it’s rather generic), but it doesn’t fit in the context.
    And as someone was remarking in the previous thread, it looks like they did a sneaky maneuver by leaving up the front facade so that they wouldn’t have to get a permit for a complete demolition… and then suddenly the facade disappeared. (Maybe it “collapsed.”)
    It would be nice if DCRA weren’t (apparently) in the developers’ pockets, and if the fines for developers doing work without the proper permit were a lot steeper.

    • Accountering

      I agree on this one. They definitely hoodwinked the regulations, and sadly it seems like they are going to get away with it. If you are going to create loopholes large enough to drive a (MD Registered) SUV through, than developers are going to drive SUV’s through them.

    • I agree what they did re the razing and facade is very shady.

      I can only wonder about the quality inside.


  • Kill it with fire.

  • I’m in the minority, I know, but I walk past it every day and I kinda like it. I wish they’d bricked the side, which has more street exposure than the front, but I like all the windows. I’ll definitely crash their open house.

  • Are you sure you didn’t take a wrong turn and end up in Vienna? Awful.

  • Emmaleigh504

    It’s not great, but it’s not awful. To me it’s pretty generic which is way better than being hideous. Hopefully it will look better when it’s done and people move in.

  • Brick in front, siding on side/back = the mullet of homes.

  • So glad I leave in a historic district so I don’t have to deal with pop-ups or this kind of nonsense. All they needed to do was put a brick façade on the side and we wouldn’t even be discussing it….oh well

  • I’ll take the suburban looking thing and Indigo over the vacant/trashed but historic rowhouse and Franklin carryout any day. This thing is across from the Loree Grand anyway, which while was a pretty nice place to live, is hideous architecturally.

  • Can anyone explain how “Stop Work” orders are issued and, more importantly, resolved? For instance, this house had a stop work order on it after the facade fell down or was demolished, presumably because removing it violated the “repair” building permit that was issued on April 7. But if you look on the PIVS website, there’s no record of a Stop Work order ever being issued., even though it was present before. I’ve seen other properties like this as well. I wish there was a public record showing how the fine was resolved, i.e., whether they paid the $2000 fine or challenged it, and whether they had to really pay the 50% additional penalty to get the raze permit. Does the $2000 fine and 50% penalty get carried over to other unrelated permits on the property? Thanks.

    • Those fine amounts are a joke in the context of a $600k-800k shell. Developers won’t even blink at paying $2000 for MUCH greater profit margins. We need to re-write the rules/fines or at least begin actual enforcement. DCRA is an absolute joke.

  • Those dormers on the top, and the odd roofline they created there, is a far worse crime than the decision not to use brick on the sides, I think.

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