Check Out the Construction on the Corner of 13th and Park Rd, NW

13th and Park Road, NW

Quite a change from February when we learned:

“1300 Park will include 5 two-bedroom condominiums, each offering ample outdoor space and large living spaces. The upper units include multiple levels, roof decks and terraces. The lower level units have front decks and private front yards!”


13th and Park Rd, NW February 2014:

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  • It’s unfortunate that they had to essentially use the pre-existing footprint, even if they tore the original building down.

    I don’t see a good use of that open space on the corner adjacent to the building. Curb cuts will be necessary if they want to use it for parking, and parking would be ugly in front of the building. It would have been better just to let them make a larger building.

    • Agreed. Wish they could have built close to the curb.

      At the same footprint, I like the old building better. It’s much more interesting architecturally.

    • pablo .raw

      I bet the existing footprint is on the property line, the area between the face of the building and the curb may be public space a.k.a. parking.

    • They had appealed the zoning to build all the way to the sidewalk–no yard space–but they were turned down. Living across the street, I’m grateful. It was going to dominate and tower over the corner and block traffic visibility. I love how much the neighborhood is improving, but as originally planned, this would have been just another one of the city’s massive out-of-place buildings. At least with this footprint, it “fits.”

  • Huge improvement over what was there before. Hope they do a nice finish on this one. Welcome to the neighborhood!

  • I like the look and I am glad that they are keeping the yards! I wonder if they are going to plant some trees? I used to walk my pit bull there before the construction fences went up and he’s been eyeing it wistfully for a while now.

  • Meh.

    Real reviews will happen once they get the veneer on this thing. Something tells me it will wind up looking like every other infill low-rise condo.

  • Promising. The undulating surface along 13th Street is interesting. But it will come down (as it almost does) to the roofline: especially with all those interesting bay fronts and turrets on neighboring buildings, will this building look flat and boring at the top? Or will they have something that draws the eye upward and along?

    Visual fact: if you cover the bottom half of a line of text, you can usually still make out what it says. When you cover the top half of a line of text, you usually can’t. A big part of what makes a building distinctive, and whether it fits into the neighborhood, is how it looks from the “neck up.”

    Look at the Target on 14th St. and you’ll see what I mean. Couldn’t they have done a cornice or moulding or something? Anything? Luckily there is a lot going on at street level.

    Also: I am not an architect.

  • This actually looks good, at least so far. And I’m glad it kept to the original footprint of the building — it makes it fit much better with its surroundings.

  • I wondered why there is such an odd angle for the front (it looks to be like 30 degrees) – odd as in really awkward and bad use of space – too bad they couldn’t make better use of this large lot. The old building was awful, so no loss there.

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