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  • Trashy looking! Fine addition to the neighborhood, NOT!

    • How is this trashy-looking?

    • I think “trashy” is a bit harsh, but this does stand in stark contrast to the very well-designed interior. That temporary fencing looks like it was stolen from Obama’s first inauguration, and the tables look like Home Depot summer-sale specials – far from fitting the copper and marble facade.

    • I think they’re going with a beer garden aesthetic. Imagine that.

  • Happiest place in D.C.

  • I don’t mind the picnic tables, but why must so many outdoor dining areas in the USA have to be ‘fenced in’? You rarely see this in places like Paris that have perfected the outdoor dining experience. If they are separated from the sidewalk it is usually with tasteful planters.

  • Does it meet the requirements for 10 feet from curb / sidewalk obstacles (signs, tree boxes)?

    if so, yeah outdoor seating. if not: get on it now before it becomes permanent.

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