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  • justinbc

    Interesting. I wonder if that means permanently open or pop-up open?

    • @justinbc – I believe this will be a permanent location. I went to pick up bagels at their last popup at CakeLove, and they confirmed they would be opening a spot on H st.

      • justinbc

        Very cool! I’m not really a bagel hound, but it will be nice to have a good option when I do get a craving. Plus the area really needs more solid breakfast options (I can only eat the Fat Boy platter at Tony’s Breakfast so many days of the week).

  • carbs!!! ahh!! nooooo!!!!!!!! ahhh!!!!!!!!!!

  • Noooo! I wanted them to open somewhere near Logan Circle, 14th St., or somewhere else I can get to easily. I am so disappointed.

  • this is GREAT news! bullfrog is making some truly outstanding bagels, I’ve been waiting to hear where their permanent space would open. I’m actually relieved to hear they aren’t heading to already overstuffed logan or U st. Hear hear for good bagels in NE

  • Their bagels are really good. Bummed to see them going across town.

  • Never had their bagels – but, I’m really excited so many people like them!! That’s a 5 min walk from my house. 🙂

  • The bagels are good but the people who run the business are incredibly rude. I went to the cakelove pop up this summer and was treated so rudely because I didn’t preorder. It’s just bagels! Get over yourselves and please understand that running a business involves customer service!

    • YES! This was our experience, as well. Although we didn’t even get to try the bagels because we were so appalled by their rude behavior. Terrible customer service.

    • Same experience here. What I ordered was incredibly expensive and just mediocre. I wouldn’t give them my business again.

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