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  • Man, I love this place. Nice employees, great deals, basic but edible food. Thank you for opening in my neighborhood, Bravo Bar!

  • I love Bravo. So happy to have them in the neighborhood.

  • I ran by here yesterday and what a great difference it makes to see people outside enjoying the place. I haven’t been yet but hope to check it out soon. GA ave is really on the rise.

  • I live within ear-shot of Bravo and was super-nervous about this place opening up (after some horrible problems with a neighboring bar/restaurant at our old place). I’m so happy not to have any complaints about Bravo. The owner and bartenders are all really nice people and the clientele is chill and non-douchey. Such a great addition to the neighborhood (which means I should probably go more often).

  • I love this place. Sometimes I just want to go to a chill bar, and avoid the zoo that can be Wonderland (although I love Wonderland too). The food is really good, it ain’t a gastropub, but the hotwings and pupusas were delicious.

    • Way better food than Wonderland. And the service has been god awful the last 3 times I’ve gone to WL. They’re cashing in on the large outdoor patio, that’s it. Don’t ride your coat tails.

      I can’t say enough good stuff about Bravo Bar. Great addition!

  • Love this place!! Cheers to Mike and all the Bravo peeps.

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