Bertucci’s closes on Connecticut Ave

Photo via google street view

@dcjpad tweets us

“No more @Bertuccis on Connecticut Ave. in Dupont. I’d be sad if I’d ever eaten there. (Maybe once?) @PoPville”

Another reader emailed that they were closed yesterday too at 1218-1220 Connecticut Ave NW near the Shake Shack. Where there any fans?


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  • Not sad about this whatsoever. I used to work nearby and my horrible boss loved to “treat” our team to Bertucci’s for lunch a few times a year. This meant that I had to pretend to enjoy their terrible food.

  • I was a fan when I worked in the area. The wait staff was friendly, and their rolls with butter were scrumptious.

  • Fret not folks with poor taste: you can still get your mediocre Italian fix in the burbs!

    • or go to Bucca up the street

    • You gotta love the unbearably smarmy, holier than thou attitude of the internets.

      • I can only hope it’s replacement is a very unique and not uninspired gourmet cupcakery, boutique celebrity burger place, or another Starbucks.

      • Yup. Especially since I think that most of the “burbs cracks come from people who left them about 15 minutes ago. Ah, the arrogance of relative ignorance and inexperience!

        • While there’s plenty of delicious food in the burbs, Bertucci’s just isn’t it. But hey, if you like it, more power to you, though I would recommend trying any number of solid Italian spots (be it in DC proper or outside, that doesn’t matter).

  • Very sad! Loved this place, especially their rolls (made of pizza dough). Very good deal at lunch. I hope the one in Foggy Bottom stays open.

  • Where else can I get a white pizza topped with sea scallops?
    PS – their bread rolls are like crack.

  • I got an email about the closure yesterday. I used to go with my parents on Sundays before I moved to DC from Mass. I enjoyed going once in a while to remind me of life outside the beltway (without having to make the car-less trek to the suburbs). Hope they keep the Foggy Bottom one.

  • NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

  • I think I worked with you. If it’s the same guy – it was Bertucci’s (ordered in, in the crappy boardroom), nothing but Bertucci’s and always the same thing. Wouldn’t hear of getting anything else. And no one liked it but him, so that’s what we got.

    • My boss was a woman, but it could have been the same company. And it was the same story. No choice and no one enjoyed it other than the boss (as far as I know, anyway).

      • Oh, we HATED it. We’d start planning off-site meetings so as not to have to go to those lunches.

      • Oh, I wish I had that option then! As I said above, I appreciate a free meal as much as the next guy, but to me, Bertucci’s feels like punishment more than a reward.

      • Were these bosses from Massachusetts? I first went to Bertucci’s when I was dating a girl from the south Boston suburbs. Her parents LOVED it and always took us when we visited. All her friends from back home also loved Bertucci’s. It’s gotta be a New England?

  • Don’t worry, Pizzera Uno is still alive and well in Union Station.

  • The one thing this place was good for was buying dough. Little known fact was that for $1.50 (several years ago) you could buy fresh dough, either in a ball or rolled out in a pizza box. Much better than TJ’s or other grocery options.

  • I ate at this place with some regularity in the mid ’00s (and not much since then). My favorite memories encompass going with a Hong Kong-born, Brooklyn-bred friend who would keep complaining how the food was not up to snuff. It wasn’t exactly good — I can think of at least five places now on 14th Street that serve markedly better fare — but preparation was satisfactory, servings were more than ample, the prices moderate, and the service relatively friendly. And the overall experience was sufficiently good for me that I kept harboring hopes of taking the friend there again so he could complain some more.

  • No one should relish an empty storefront or a business in trouble, but I’ve never been able to go back to Bertucci’s after enduring an excruciating engagement dinner there. The restaurant and meal were fine. It was actually a nice, affordable choice. But the bride was a Grade A Bee-atch who took potshots at me throughout dinner. Not that this was any great change from her behavior in other setting, but the memory stuck. The very sight of the Bertucci sign always takes me back to that foxhole. Shudder….

  • Ate at that location once. Pizza was decent.

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