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  • Weird, Bullfrog popped up there before opening on H St.
    I spoke with BF’s owner and he said he was even in talks with Warren to buy the space. Does anyone even go to Cakelove for THEIR baked goods anymore?

    • I took some friends there for cupcakes once, but that was only because it was convenient to what we were planning to do that day. I wouldn’t go out of my way for Cakelove when there are so many better and closer options.

    • Weird – I feel bad for CakeLove. Warren is SO nice and they were really trendsetters. But, I never liked their products beyond some dark chocolate cake I bought for my moms birthday once. Now, Warren is selling his cakes in a cup at stores…..and I feel bad. Poor guy.

      • I don’t feel bad for him. Even when they were the only shop in town I didn’t go because the product was so bad – somehow oily and dry at the same time. (I can make a better cake from a Betty Crocker mix.) They had years of notice that they needed to improve. I’m glad that he’s a nice guy, but that cannot overcome terrible cakes.

        • I can like Warren Brown as a person but still not feel terrible that his product (which is subpar) is not moving the way it used to. The cupcake market is completely saturated, and with peers like Baked and Wired and The Sweet Lobby, he really needed a better quality product to remain competitive. And he hasn’t delivered that.

        • +2. And when you went to have a cupcake at their cafe, they were dry and rock hard out of a fridge, supposedly to keep the buttercream from spoiling. Sticky Fingers fried their bacon so to speak.

      • Have you tried the CakeLove’s Cake in a Jar? It’s delicious. It’s a unique concept for sure, but once you try it, you’ll be hooked. Plus from a business standpoint, wholesale has a lot more potential for growth than retail.

  • I feel like the term “pop-up” is overused. Isn’t this just CakeLove expanding its menu options? In Gtown there’s an Italian market “popping up” in the same storefront where they will operate their business the day after the “pop-up” closes.

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