Awesome 5×5 Art in Navy Yard

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Thanks to a reader for sending: “Check this an old building directly behind the US DOT.”

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More photos after the jump.

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  • That is amazing.

  • This building would be a gorgeous event space for weddings, parties, etc.

    • I can think of about 100 uses for this building that does not include “remain empty with broken windows” – farmer’s market space, event space, artist studio…

  • This is -great-. And 5×5 seems to be a really special public art project for DC. I think the quality of the work on display is considerably better than most of the public art we usually have here and am really excited to spend some time this weekend trying to see as many of the installations as I can.

  • I saw this at the opening party – it really is incredible and should be seen in person!

  • I saw this through the windows the other week and I am aching to go inside.

    Does anyone know when the building is open for viewing? There is no info anywhere on when/whether it will be open again.

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