ATV Seizure and Arrest (by ‘Scooter Tactical Unit’) after Operating Recklessly at 14th and U Street, NW

From MPD:

“At approximately 9:20 pm tonight [Friday], Third District Units observed several ATV’s operating recklessly in the area of 14th & U Street NW. At that time, the Scooter Tactical Unit was deployed to the location to monitor and assess the situation. They were advised that the group had moved up at the Crown Gas Station located at 908 Florida Ave NW. The Scooter Tactical Unit responded and was able to successfully apprehend one individual operating an ATV without incident. Additionally, after fleeing, a second individual bailed off a dirt bike at 9th & T St NW. The members were able to recover that dirt bike for evidence as well. NOTE: the use of ATV’s and Dirt Bikes recklessly on our streets will not be tolerated and we encourage all citizens to alert police when the observe the usage or storage of these vehicles. Thank you”

Ed. Note: A marked change in messaging from what we’ve previously heard.

Another reader emails around 8:30pm last night “dirt bikes jousting with cars”:

“Just driving home eastbound on M between 1st NW and North Capitol. About a dozen dirt bikes there driving the wrong way down all three lanes, literally charging straight at oncoming cars. Had to keep screeching to a halt. Then they’d go off to the side and wait for another car to come along and charge at it. Only about half of them had lights — really scary! Why can’t the police do anything about this again?”

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  • What exactly is a Scooter Tactical Unit?

  • Serious question – How do we go about changing the “no chase” law? It seems like there’s enough will to do so, and that it would be in the best interest of the safety (and sanity) of DC residents. This has gotten out of hand, and some of these riders clearly have no regard for the safety of themselves or others. I read a piece by the Washington Post (link below), which implied that this is a safe escape for many of these kids, and that we should make it easier for them to ride safely in the district. I think that we’ve seen recently that the way many of these kids are riding is intentionally not safe, and is endangering the safety of others. It has to stop.

    • I doubt it’s a “law” — it’s a police policy, put in place by MPD and shared by several other big-city police departments. And it’s a policy based on the simple fact that a high-speed police chase through a crowded city is often far, far more dangerous to the public than the threat otherwise posed by the chased criminal.

      If we want to see some epic, Blues-Brothers style police chases that leave a trail of innocent victims and property damage, please urge the police to give up their thoughtfully considered no-chase policy.

  • Why screech to a halt? If they want to take on a car, fine. Hit accelerator.

  • Anyone have any info on this police report?
    Stabbing 0354 hours, 17th & U Street, NW Lookout for a B/M last seen in a gray vehicle

  • Keep making a stink and MPD will have to keep deploying the “scooter tactical unit” until these vermin are stamped out! Call your council member, tweet it at Bowser and Catania, report to police. Preserve society for the civilized!

    • +1. Thanks MPD for starting to step up on this. I know it’s frustrating when the handcuffs are on the good guys instead of the lowlifes, but keep up the effort.

  • Nets and horses, ala Planet of the Apes.

  • orderedchaos

    MPD needs to deploy Brick Tamland with a trident.

  • FYI, folks: the roads in DC are straight, really wide, feature very little segregated infrastructure for bikes and transit, and in pretty bad condition (the quality of streets in DC reminds me of the quality — more or less — in Bogota).

    So, how can we stop this uncivilized behavior? By building civilized streets!

    We need to create segregated lanes – with concrete curbs – for bikes and cyclists. We need to do the same for tram lines. We need to take away parking and create narrower streets with more landscaped medians. We need to create pedestrian-only zones — guarded by automatic bollards — that have cobblestones and other paving that is not conducive to riding a dirt bike super fast, because said dirt bike would probably crash.

    If we keep building streets best suited to moving SUVs from Bethesda to K ST and back, we’ll also keep having streets suited to mass rides by hooligans.

    It’s so simple, but DC seems so provincial in so many regards. Build civilized streets and get civilized behavior.

    • I’m all for what you’re saying, but it will have not impact on the issue at hand. These are thugs seeking to terrorize residents and have no interest in a safe place to ride. They’re loser have-nots who get off on scaring those who have more than they do.

      • Yes, it would have an impact on the issue at hand. Would you rather ride a dirt bike down 14th ST or through a pedestrian zone in Copenhagen?

        Also, your classist language makes me want to vomit.

        • I think that these riders would choose the venue that gets them the most attention, or the biggest thrill of frightening bystanders. Cobblestones is a stupid idea. They’re expensive to install and maintain, people hate walking on them. And what would a four-wheeler care about rough terrain?

          • Wait, this was the same guy who tried (and failed) to lecture everyone that if we just had more opportunities for social inclusion (brunches and 4-dollar lattes for all!), this problem would resolve itself. Now the solution is to completely redesign the DC road system (with cobblestone!) to prevent the “hooligans” from misbehaving? Why not do both? It’ll be a utopia of sorts–everyone stumbling home over cobblestone streets after a hearty brunch filled with endless mimosas, holding hands and commenting on how un-Bogota like everything is, just like they do in Copenhagen.

          • Carlos, your utopia sentence gave me a really good lol. My comment about James got moderated apparently, even though I tried to be nice- but yours was way better.

        • James you seem to like Europe a lot and America not so much. Maybe the US and/or DC isn’t the best fit for your lifestyle? Last week you were discussing the superior method with which Europe handles crimes like prostitution, and how unfair the laws are here. Now our streets are uncivilized because the city hasn’t invested millions into bollards and cobblestone sidewalks to discourage criminal activity. However if we arrest people for said minor infractions/misdemeanors we are “grossly unfair” in the way we handle crime. How do you plan to pay for all these infrastructure “improvements” that you are proposing? How much do you think it would cost to replace every sidewalk with cobblestone, put in extra curbs to denote driving area vs cycling vs pedestrian, add bollards that are somehow automated, etc? Is it now the role of government to redesign the entire infrastructure of the city to discourage activity that is already illegal, just so we don’t end up arresting people for “unfair” laws? Or is it easier to expect a civilized society to take responsibility for their actions?

        • Your posing makes me want to sneeze.

        • Your presence makes me want to vomit. You’re a fool and should be thrown though a plate glass window for your idiocy.

    • Having European-style separated bike lanes would be great, but that’s not relevant to the issue at hand, i.e., dirk bikes and ATVs. Any road that can be easily traversed by a car can be easily traversed by a dirt bike.

      • Moreover, any path than is navigable to a stroller or a wheelchair is just dandy for a dirtbike. Will babies and mobility-impaired citizens be allowed in our cobblestoned urban paradise?

        • Agreed. I don’t think the solution to reckless dirt bike/ATV riding is “Make roads difficult for EVERYONE to use.”

    • justinbc

      Your posts indicate that you really don’t understand this issue very well. That’s not to say those aren’t all desirable ideas you’ve got, but they’re way off base in this discussion.

    • First of all, the infrastructure changes you suggest are pretty damn expensive. Second, these guys are uncivilized little hooligans who don’t give a shit about whether or not they’re endangering someone, so revamping the streets probably won’t do a bit of good. And cobblestones are a bitch to drive on and a real pain to walk on.

      Now, I admit I thought for a moment that giving these little brats a place to ride their bikes might help, but I’m guessing they’d still want to terrorize people because there are people in this world who get their kicks harming others. You need to cut at the root of their behavior, and it starts when they are in diapers.

  • Why screech to a halt? You have the right of way… THEY are driving unauthorized vehicles against the flow of traffic. They could rob you, assault you, or commit another crime if you come to a stop. Some of these dirt bikes and ATVs have carjacked people.

  • 12 o’clock boyz

  • They (ATVs and motor bikes) were causing havoc in front of Club Lux on Saturday night. And the worse part was there were cops just watching them! I thought I was going to see someone die as they were doing wheelies with passengers.

  • AND, they have no shame in sharing their exploits online! Check out the latest brag release showing the DC Glory Boyz tooling around town.

    These machines are heavy and powerful, and if you have the judgement to ride them illegally on our streets, then I thoroughly doubt that you understand the full kentic havoc that they can cause.

    Also, let’s be honest. Wheelies just aren’t that impressive in the age of the X-games.

  • I walked by the gas station in Florida Ave on Saturday night around 10pm. The ATV driver had parked the bike at the pump to fill-up on gas and the cops nabbed him. By the time I got there, the ATV driver was already taken away by police, but two officers in an MPD squad car were guarding the bike and waiting for the trailer to arrive to haul it away.
    Good work, MPD.
    My guess is that the MPD comes to some sort of truce with the bikers: stay out of NW DC & Cap Hill (areas where wealthy white people complain a lot) and we’ll let you ride elsewhere. If the bikers violate that, MPD will try to nab them. From what I’ve seen, MPD is trying to make their presence felt while the bikers are cruising but still keeping back. It takes some of the fun away for these kids if the MPD is following them everywhere. MPD also knows that these kids will probably get into far worse trouble, if they were not riding. It’s a pressure valve for these kids.

    • clevelanddave

      Far worse? Worse than causing severe bodily harm to themselves and innocent bystanders? And what the heck, only enforce the law in the well off parts of the hood? You crazy. They crazy. The police are right on, use quick, lightweight bikes with professional drivers to nab ’em. Everywhere.

  • Quick instagram search for #dcgloryboyz led to #dcbikelife and users such as @jamesmynames @capo_stay_savage seemingly breaking the law in DC within the last few days. C’mon MPD….USE SOCIAL MEDIA AGAINST THEM.

  • Crazy video of riding in NW DC and interactions with the cops.

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