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  • glad to see these long vacant buildings become something

  • Nice to see an empty building being filled, but two british themed bars on one block seems excessive.

  • The Vic is more than a theme bar. It has great seasonal food and really top notch service for a busy H st bar and restaurant. I have had the best trout of my life there, and the best steak (the second best was at a high end steak house in Manhattan). They constantly do new things. They have a solid regular menu, but just thinking of a few specials they have had over the years, I think of all the variety:

    soft shell crab,
    bacon lettuce tongue sandwich (it was really great),
    28 day aged steak with truffles,
    amazing gnocchi,
    charred oysters,
    raw oysters,
    double cut pork chop,
    spicy Asian wings,
    pork belly,
    steak salad,
    amazing soups in the winter,
    chicken and waffles,
    duck prosciutto,
    and on and on.

    They more than check the box of being a British themed pub. They don’t let the theme restrict their creativity in the kitchen. A lot of places have a 15 item menu and never change a thing. The QV takes the harder road, and I appreciate it. I like the theme but I promise, I go to the vic for the food and the great people who work there.

  • I’m a Brit and I really don’t rate the Queen Vic at all. I’ve actually found the staff to be super unfriendly, and the food mediocre and expensive. I had one of the worst English breakfasts I ever had. The only thing I like about this place is the pasties in the evening. Bring on the competition! Queen Vic will be fine anyhow, they are always packed (which I think is the bulk of the issue with the rudeness of the staff).

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