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  • I’m pulling for this place, and I really hope it turns out to be great. It certainly sounds promising and looks great. BUT. We stopped by last weekend for a quick to-go breakfast, and were excited to hear that they bake their own bagels in-house. Awesome. But then we ordered 2, toasted, with cream cheese. And they came in a plastic take-out box, with 2 tubs of Philly for us to spread on at home. WHY WHY WHY would they go to the trouble of making their own bagels and the Panera it out at the finish? I know people get tired of hearing why NYC is better than DC, but seriously, haven’t restauranteurs ever BEEN to a proper deli? A proper bagel comes toasted, with an obscene amount of cream cheese ALREADY SLATHERED ON. Then wrapped in paper and then tin foil. Don’t mess with perfection! My kingdom for a proper, non-Panera style bagel in DC proper. KILLING ME. Argh.

    • Thank you! I have the same thoughts all the time. I think the reason is, that in DC most people grew up with suburban crap to go fast food indifference. Servers and customers. But this is BS and people know it can be so much better. You think Russ & Daughters is going to give you a take home cream cheese tub… GTFO.

    • Some of us don’t like the amount of cream cheese slathered on. I would rather put on my own.

  • I stopped in and was disappointed by their selection of pastries. If you say “Italian Market” I’m expecting something serious in the area of Italian pastries. Was not impressed 🙁

    • +1000 to this. I went by the other day and the big open doorway drew me in but the pastry case was just sad looking.

      I think this space up front may have been better designed as a small bar area. Place where 3-4 people could get an espresso or glass of wine and people watch. Would have been much more inviting.

  • $12 (so really $13.20) for every sandwich? For a caprese sandwich?! Are you freaking kidding me?

    Have these people ever even been Italy? I can get a stunning train station — or highway rest area — caprese from AutoGrill in Italy for 3 euros (less than $4 total) and not have to deal with the stupid “tip jar” full of dollars on the counter.

    Restaurant owners in DC are royally ripping people off…I enjoy eating out, but the insane prices in DC make me want to only cook at home — out of principle, not necessity.

  • I went here a few weeks ago and was really disappointed – small portions and high prices for mediocre and uninspired food. Honestly, it seemed like the chef/owner knows nothing about Italian. I also think it’s the same owner as Russia House so maybe that explains it.

  • Had a bad experience. I hope they fix their front-of-house service and pull it together.

  • Unfortunately not impressed… but I’m pulling for them too. It took me a minute to realize it was not at all Italian food but more of a New York style Italian-American deli. Fine. But literally 18 minutes to get a sandwich to-go at 6 pm when there was no line and six people behind the counter wasn’t awesome.

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