After 10 Years, Aria Pizzeria and Bar closing Sept. 30th at the Reagan Building

13th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue, NW via Aria’s website.

Thanks to a reader for sending word:

“I wonder if they’re being pushed or are jumping. I hope there’s something interesting in the wings for such a tough but cool space.”

Aria tweeted earlier this week:

“After 10 years, Aria will be closing its doors on Sept 30. Thank you to our patrons and employees for their support over the years.”

Anyone check them out?


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  • Wow. I work in the Reagan Building and with the closing of the food court at the Old Post Office and now with this gone, there are so few options nearby for us. I hope there is something in the works here because I really used the walk up window for salads all the time. The workers here are great too – I will miss seeing them regularly.

    • I’m sure the new Trump Hotel will have some options for folks maybe possibly. The National Eat food court is not far from there I guess. I work nearby as well but have to say I’ve never eaten at any of those places you mention. Isn’t there a food court IN the Reagan Building?

      • Yeah, they have a tasty California Tortilla! (Yay honey lime burrito.) And the Commerce cafeteria isn’t half bad either.

  • em

    Sad. We had the rehearsal dinner for our wedding in the downstairs room – it was great.

  • Just curious, what makes it a tough space?

  • I’m going to miss the lovely sound of vintage Maroon 5 blasting from the outdoor speakers during my lunch break. I wonder if much of the outdoor seating will go with it. Top 40 pop hits aside, it is one of the most relaxing places to eat during the workday.

  • clevelanddave

    Aria was the definition of Sysco mediocrity. Not gonna kill you. Not dirty or terrible, but just meh. GSA will probably put in Chef Geoffs. Blah. Come on, there is so much good food in this city, including a few places near the Reagan Building. Just go to the Capital Food Fight and test some of the great, community oriented ones out- it is in your own building in early November!

  • Can they at least put in a place with a decent beer selection. Food was mediocre, and drink selection was bad. I’ll only miss it if the replacement is worse or ridiculously expensive (like the options in the Trump Hotel will be when it opens in 2022 or whenever).

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