Adams Morgan Residents – Take the ‘Envision Adams Morgan’ Survey “to voice their vision of the future of their neighborhood”


From a press release:

“A survey encouraging the 16,000 residents of Adams Morgan to voice their vision of the future of their neighborhood is being conducted by the Envision Adams Morgan Working Group beginning the first week of September 2014.

“We’re currently in phase two of our effort to bring reasonable economic development to Adams Morgan while also maintaining the aspects of our community that attracted residents who live here and do business in our neighborhood every day,” said Ernest Springs, Co-chairman of the Working Group.

“The Envision Adams Morgan Survey is intended to engage public and private stakeholders to identify areas of opportunity for the community to preserve its physical characteristics, enhance amenities, support sustainability, and improve quality of life for the community,” said Springs.

To encourage as many neighborhood residents as possible to complete the electronic survey at, the URL will be promoted in local newspapers; on community listserves, and on posters displayed by local business owners. The Working Group will also be present to promote the survey at the ANC booth at Adams Morgan Day September 14, and printed copies of the survey will be available upon request by residents who do not use the Internet.

The Office of Planning will be assisting the Envision Adams Morgan Working Group and the ANC in developing a series of charettes, community meetings and other forums, to solicit the views and opinions of the community beginning this fall. They will include community leaders, residents, and property and business owners. The process centers on shaping a future vision for Adams Morgan for how the community can leverage its assets to preserve its physical characteristics, enhance amenities, support sustainability and improve quality of life for the community.

The survey and the charrettes will provide the community an opportunity to give input to the future of services in the community, including health, education, welfare and public services, including the environment. Local civic organizations have been part of the planning from the beginning and will continue to provide input.

“We hope our neighbors will do their part by completing the survey,” said Springs. “In doing so, they will help us establish a basic premise for how Adams Morgan can grow more inclusively to achieve its full potential as an eclectic retail and entertainment destination and residential neighborhood.”

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  • Folks should be careful and keep an eye on what this group does and what it’s final recommendations are — the leadership of it has a strong record of NIMBYism and a lot of what they are asking for is so vague your “voice” could be twisted to support their end goals. Caveat emptor.

    • had a feeling that might be the case. I just took the survey and they will probably “misplace it”. Long time resident. native of dc. and im yimby all over that survey. encourage others to do the same. I feel like most nimbys think us yimbys are all young transplants. Not the case.

      • Johnny, Where do you live? I will gladly send Adams Morgan from 9pm to 5am to you or any other “YIMBY” that wants it! What about that are you trying to maintain?

        • I live in Adams Morgan, not DuPont. Do I love it on the weekends at 9 pm? Yes the buzz and the energy is what drew me to the neighborhood. Do I love it from 11pm when the DUI people start driving in and trying to park until 3 am when the masses stumble around 18th st? No!

          To change that though we need to change the offerings and nature of our bars and restaurants, we need to have a neighborhood of people who live there and will frequent the scores of commercial establishments along 18th, Columbia and Calvert so that those places can derive their revenue in ways that contribute to the neighborhood. We need more of the new buildings that are under construction like the one replacing the old Exxon station next to SoHo or the vacant lots at 17th and Columbia. We can’t do those things if we chop stories of those buildings and put up roadblocks, if we stall the development new hotel at 18th and Columbia, if we refuse upscale restaurants that serve alcohol (instead of bars that serve food Shenanigans I’m looking at you), or if we even consider getting rid of the bike lanes, bike share stations and car sharing services that make the neighborhood livable and more affordable.

          I want a better Adams Morgan too, but expanding the historic district, removing transit options and obstructing redevelopment means we will just continue to see more of the same while the strides we have made in the last several years become regressions.

        • Please stop judging an entire neighborhood based on what happens on several blocks during (not even) 16 hours of each week. There is a lot more to the community than that.

    • Thanks for the heads up. I’m very happy about the upcoming changes to Adams Morgan. I’m glad to know I should make my answers as unambiguous as possible.

  • Here’s my comment:

    Do you have any ideas about how to improve land use, zoning, and historic preservation in Adams Morgan?

    Historic preservation has gone far enough in Adams Morgan. Let’s leave a little room for the future. End the parking requirement for new residential development, maintain or increase residential density, increase height limits, allow corner stores. And YES, you can do it all in my backyard.

  • Make 18th street pedestrian only.

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