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  • It’s definitely in an odd state, with the removal of greenery and addition of mounds of dirt being recent developments. I wonder if it’s part of DDOT’s New Hampshire Avenue streetscape project? The Wikipedia entry suggests it was first developed in conjunction with the Dept. of Parks and Recreation. http://www.newhampshireavestreetscape.com/Home_Page.php

  • We know! Last week, the Heurich House Museum adopted the park through an agreement with the Department of Parks & Recreation. We are working with the Geary Simon (the man who established the park after his friend Sonny Bono), as well as the ANC, Dupont Circle Main Streets, Boston Properties, and other neighbors to beautify and maintain the park. The “mounds of dirt” is new topsoil. Stay tuned! (For more info or questions, email us at info@heurichhouse.org)

  • something is going on also at the triangle pocket park at Rhode Island, R and 9th streets. I see they fenced off the trees this week. It has been paved over but has great potential for more!!

  • I hate to be a jerk, but does anyone really care? Nobody ever actually spends any time there.

  • Mike- Yes, people care. And clearly you do too, or you wouldn’t have read the thread. Cheer up, buddy.

  • Not to mention that during the reconstruction of New Hampshire Avenue they lopped off about 1/3 of the park to expand the intersection of NH and 20th Street.

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